Making dream width icons. 100px is too tiny. Too tiny!

@rydia they're super tiny! I can barely see mine when I use Photoshop. But they look a decent size on the actual DW site, so idk

@doctorsidrat Mine does that as well. I haven't yet figured out if it's, like, some kind of optical illusion or something related to... IDEK. Some actual technical difference between Photoshop and the browser? (Mumblety mumble retina something?) @rydia

@alis @doctorsidrat Yeah I have to work at 200% ever since I got a retina MBP a few years ago. (Also they never save as sharp as I want which I think is also a retina thing? I Just Don't Know)

@rydia Yeah, retina is... kind of shoving double-sized images into single sized holes? So i.e. "retina" DW icons would be 200px images displayed at 100px size... but of course DW isn't set up to allow that, hence... fuzzy. @doctorsidrat

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