Hey followers, I'm in need of a chat app for some of my friends and I was wondering if any of you had recs.

Stuff we need:
-Cross platform, absolutely must have a web interface and push notif-enabled Android app (desktop app would also be nice)
-Does not require a phone number to use
-Dead simple and impossible to mess up. I briefly got my friends to try XMPP and they quickly abandoned it when we somehow managed to fuck up encryption such that we couldn't read each others' messages, through purely completely normal basic usage without touching any settings.
-Doesn't have to be uber pretty, but not super dated/old looking or else I'll never get anyone to try it
-FOSS would be cool but frankly at this point I'll try anything
-Not self hosted, I'm a broke layperson

As of right now we normally use Discord. (Our needs do not include voice/video) I'm a bit afraid to throw anyone at Riot because I don't like how it's all pretty much on Matrix's servers + it is the opposite of dead simple lol.

I didn't put tags in this because I don't necessarily want the wider FOSS community to come in and tell me why I'm doing everything wrong lol, but feel free to boost.

and there's at least two other apartments I'd like to look at. They're not too far off major transit lines, and I can afford them (though obviously I'm like SCREAM at the rent prices)

But it's time to move out, I think.

Okay, well...I’ve scheduled an apartment viewing for tomorrow

@lj_writes they’re so weird that I love them even more? Like, Cabbage Patch dolls are cute, but THESE THINGS are WEIRD CUTE

#Tiktok is:
- Sending your searches to Facebook.
- Sending your watched videos and usage time to Appsflyer partners.
- Fingerprints the hardware of the person watching the shared video on both web browser and mobile app using canvas leak and audio API.
- Embeds sharer ID into shared video URLs, hides it via URL shortening.
- And more!

Since they do not ask for consent they're in violation of multiple EU privacy laws. :blobcatsip:​


β€œWhat are some good introductions to current HTML and CSS for people?”

I just got asked this question, so I put together a guide to help point people in the right directions, with tools I use everyday: thomascannon.me/guides/modern-

#art #mastoart #comics #comicscamp #illustration #indieartists

discworld is wild because it's a silly comedy series but the morals of the books are things like
"war is just one symptom of the disease that is nationalism"
"police by consent is the only possible moral form of policing"
"late-stage capitalism is the death knell of society"

Nintendo Switch mutterings 

I’ve somehow gotten into the habit of writing a post late at night instead of early in the morning now?? Anyway, here’s some late night links from yesterday:

heart family, vhs tapes, mash-up

a riddle for you: I am a wondrous creature for women in expectation, a service for neighbors. I harm none of the citizens except my slayer alone. My stem is erect, I stand up in bed, hairy somewhere down below. A very comely peasant’s daughter, dares sometimes, proud maiden, that she grips at me, attacks me in my redness, plunders my head, confines me in a stronghold, feels my encounter directly, woman with braided hair. Wet be that eye. 

The pickle jars have sealed! Now to wait 6 weeks to let it ferment or whatever and then I can eat them! Yay!

Water bath is finally boiling after 1 hour!!!! of waiting and I really hope these dang jars seal or I’m gonna have some weird relish for the next few weeks

Midnight pickles are going okay, I think? It’s my first water bath situation, so I’m just waiting for the water to actually boil. Kitchen smells HEAVILY of vinegar and onions.

Finally got the stuff I need to make bread & butter pickles but unfortunately I didn’t start making them until 7:30 pm

And I did not read the part of the recipe that says to soak them for 2-6 hours before I already started so uhhhhh

Midnight pickles it is!!

@lj_writes I love how every toy from the 1960s/1970s looks like it’s trying to blackmail you

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