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eternally wip fic planning 

Do you ever just realize how marvelous it is that you can adopt terrible little carnivores with their own little personalities who will seek out your company and preferentially snuggle up next to you and fall asleep in a donut shape

Honestly Internet Explorer has been so aggressively terrible for so many years it's hard to believe that they didn't do it on purpose.

It was really starting to slow down before, but now that I’ve rejoined a discord server I used to love it’s downright depressing how dead it is now. Kinda wondering if I should just leave again - is it me? I mean, in a way it really WAS me, because I crossed the streams when I shouldn’t have and it wound up making things awkward from what I’ve been told. But would it be busier if I just left again? Would that help?


Websites that auto-play videos, then when I navigate away from those videos, keep them playing in an overlaid interstitial popup?

D O N ‘ T

What I wouldn’t give for the body image self confidence of an Intstagram Thot

M'aiq thinks the maddest thing about the Vaults of Madness is their location.

Yes, President Pence would be horrific, but let’s take comfort in knowing that he could never amass the kind of slobbering cult that Trump has

moderately pro-pelosi take 

I want to delete this but I won’t. I can’t keep hiding my pain and anger so that I don’t “make people uncomfortable”. It just makes me feel worse.

anxiety/friendship fallout bitterness 

anxiety/friendship fallout bitterness 

anxiety/friendship fallout bitterness 

Basically I’m having massive anxiety about returning to fandom places. What if everyone secretly hates me now?

M'aiq thinks some places defy explanation. They have little to do with magic, and everything to do with the weather.

Idk bout y'all but I'm glad to be a menace to society

M'aiq has heard it said, life is but a dream. Of course, says M'aiq. Trick is to know who is doing the dreaming.

M'aiq thinks some books it is okay to judge by their cover. Who has time to read every book? And some it is safer not to.

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