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eternally wip fic planning 

Fucking awesome. Should have screenshotted. Oh well, guess I know better now about how masto works with dms.

This week in: computer 

"I put my hammer down," Thor said, "knowing only someone worthy could lift it,"
"Did someone steal it?"
"Would a worthy person steal?"
"So where is it?"
Thor stared into the distance. "A dog took it."
"Won't it return to you?"
"Not while it's held by someone worthy."
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wish I could actually hold conversations one on one without being a complete dumbass disaster

Re: the “can non-lesbians be butch” Discourse, I always laugh and imagine people trying to tell my friend Toni—a knuckle-tattooed, motorcycle-riding, deer-hunting, factory-working, hard-drinking, truck-driving butch redneck from Missouri—that she can’t call herself butch because she’s bisexual

A while ago the pokefusions were so popular on tw and i did this big purple snek that received tons of love. I wanted to share it here too, hope you like it ^^


I am so goddamn thirsty and toppy right now it’s driving me crazy

The word queue is ironic. It's just q with a bunch of silent letters waiting in line.

In the push to support trans kids (something that’s always needed, btw), there is often an overflowing amount of narratives of trans adults testifying that “they always knew.”

I just want to remind all the people questioning their gender that some people always knew, but some of us didn’t. *I* didn’t. And it’s ok to be only figuring it out when you are older.

I was 35 years and 221 days old when I finally figured it out. Others have been older.

It’s never too late to make the connection.

If searching wasn’t such a pain on mobile I’d just delete everything from that server now =|

Siri, how do you tell if someone’s actually flirting with you?

Tech vampires stop naming evil shit after stuff from Lord of the Rings challenge

Tfw you’re about to embark on a few different unfortunate reading endeavors.

(school, one of the most hilarious romance novels you’ve ever had the misfortune of holding in your hands, and philosophy because you’re trying to write someone trolling a nerd that would theoretically know this shit)

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