I wonder if one of the reasons I'm stalling out on this fic is because it's veered so far from where I originally wanted to take it? Like, it was supposed to be Marriage of Convenience and Bucky's Broken Dick and Pregnancy/Kidfic but in my outline Peggy sort of goes out of character and then Howard finds Steve alive and meh.

Steve is like a damn weed and he worked himself into this fic when I hadn't planned on including him. Maybe if I prune him out that will fix it.

Stabby stabby This fic doesn't want to get written.

My fingers are cold. It's making doing art difficult. Grr.

Bastgrr and I uploaded our Stucky AU Big Bang fic today!

Come read The Sea Witch and look at her beautiful art!


I really enjoyed playing this Word Blitz with Friends thing in Facebook Messenger (thanx for the invite cuz) but I wanted to play the same sort of game without other people. And after a few tries, I found it. Wordament. OMG, I've ruined my life with this damn game. It's addicting.

Must press all the buttons! And some of them twice.