Wow, so this Tumblr post is genuinely one of the most fascinating things I've yet read:

It's about fanfiction as its own genre, as character-driven writing, and reading it, I really feel like it explains why there are many "original" stories that still have the feel and traits of fanfic, and are generally popular with lovers of fanfic. Captive Prince, which I've been re-reading recently, instantly springs to mind.


Just in case you don't know about the pin feature here on Mastodon, it's a really helpful way for you to include other tags, interests, links, or anything else you want to share that you can't fit in your bio.

And the great thing is, on Mastodon you can have up to 5 pinned toots! That's a lot of cool stuff you can share with people when they come to your profile.

Just click on the little dots at the bottom of your toot, and then select "Pin on profile."

i like that instances can all be admined however they like, and if you dont like how its admined there is literally nothing stopping you from going elsewhere
admins can get rid of shit they dont want to see, as they should be, have full control of what reaches their server, as they should be, and no one can complain about "censorship" or any other bs because theres nothing stopping you from going to a different instance with different rules

Ok, fun fact: I have a huge pet peeve for the fic infamous "released a breath he/she didn't know he/she was holding", and here I am chilling on a fic when I legit get rickrolled with "choking on the breath he didn't know he was keeping"

Pal, I appreciate the effort but you can rephrase it how many times you want, it's still the same goddamn concept orz

A lot of “Why doesn’t have X feature?” questions can be answered by saying, “Because the Archive of Our Own is an *archive*, not a social media site.”

And I like it that way and I don't want it to become a social media site. We have enough of those.

the worst part of being an adult is how like, you definitely grow up to become about 60-70% of an adult, but that last 30% just isn't there, and never will be, it doesn't exist, it was just something adults pretended to have when you were a kid so that you (and they) felt like they were adults

the thing in Ghibli movies where the character is feeling a strong emotional reaction and their hair does that thing

Day 99: DW still refuses to make <cut> work on my blog. I'm now drowning in my own wordvomit.

New collection of links (both fandom and non-fandom) up at my journal:

I also highlighted an old school fan site which started in 1996!

From the comments section of fandom secrets:

"Write the smut you want to see in the world!"

TIL there's actually a makes-total-sense-in-context origin for the term "lemon" to refer to explicit fanfic:

On an unrelated note, I've been trying to build positive feelings toward the Roswell "remake" by CW but all I'm managing is a very petulant "Nothing can beat the original!!!"

“Never make fun of people for mispronouncing a word. It means they learned it by reading.”

This discussion about Tumblr-style discussion/reblogging and DW-style discussion/linkbacks is really interesting. It highlights some of the fundamental differences between the platforms & how people coming from one platform to another have different expectations of etiquette: the-great-tumblr-purge.dreamwi

tropes I will never get enough of: fake/pretend relationship

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