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Also, I haven't mentioned it yet, but I wrote several fanfics ( and ) and you may check them out here --->

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My interests:

◾ music:
◾ anime & manga:
◾ games:
◾ other:

(there's so much of it, I really tried to limit myself to the main ones ;p)

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Hey, hi, hello!

I'm Gabriela and I have no idea how this site works...

I'm 20-something, she/her pronouns and I have too many fandoms. I love listening to , watching and reading and .

Hi! Recently I opened two discord servers:
🎶 K-pop server
💪JJBA server

Join them if you want to!

UPDATE ON MY INTERESTS: currently I'm hyped about and season 2

I'm still drowning in both parts of as I'm planning to write crossover fanfic!

Hey, I haven't been here for a while, what did I miss?

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I really hope Article 13/EU Copyright law does not pass. I'm not too optimistic, but I really hope this does not pass in the EU... It'll be dark times ahead.

today I finished watching the 2nd season of and damn, it was so sad... 😭

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i am a simple being
i see personality quiz
i take it

life is strange 2 spoilers 

I didn't have enough space to mention it in a previous toot, but the gameplay that I watched has the worst ending of episode 2 and I'm still in a state of denial 😭

life is strange 2 spoilers 

later on in epsiode 2, the brothers finally meet Captain Spirit and that's what I was waiting for so long! Daniel and Chris developed such an adorable friendship in such a short time, it's amazing. So sad it ended up so quickly... 😭

Cassidy is my waifu, period.

Also, the grandparents didn't turn out to be so shady as I expected, though there are still so many questions about brothers' Mom, I hope we'll get the answers in the next episodes!

(it's so good to hear Gee and Ray together again after so many years, I miss them so much ;__;)
(and I can't wait to watch )

life is strange 2 spoilers 

Episode 2 starts off pretty slow to hit you right in the face so much that you'll be crying (at least I literally cried 😭)

Apparently, an old lady from TAAOCS is brothers' grandma but somehow I don't trust their grandparents, Idk why???

We'll see how the episode ends, one hour of gameplay left to watch!

is such a mix of genres, I honestly don't know what to think about it...

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