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So were all not paying Disney for incredibly monopolistic services, right?

I recently found out that there's a pigeon genus called Ducula, so the characters in my entry communicate through "vampire pigeons". Meet Alucud!

Little thing that made me happy: they released the anime-specific cover for the new OP "三原色" [three primary colors], and it's red+green+blue (instead of RBY).

Dr. Stone anime spoilers 

guzma a straight up OG. he didn't have no evil plan to alter the world in his image, no, all he wanted to do was provide poor disaffected youth an outlet for their rage into something constructive: breakdancing and rapping

Every so often I remember Mr. Ratburn is gay and I instantly break out in a big, goofy grin

I mean, licensed games always suck, etc. but a Dr. Stone Metroidvania where you play as Suika would be sick

cursed old portrait 

Random util I made: palpageproducer. "pip install palpageproducer" or swing by for the git repo. To use, just run "palpageproducer <stylesheet.scss>" and get an HTML page with boxes of all the colors you defined as variables. Also works with LESS sheets and GIMP .gpl palettes. Makes it easier to see how colors look together + run them through WebAIM's contrast checker.

I was looking at old timey Halloween costumes and found this hundred year old Very Mastodon illustration

I had to make an example script to demonstrate a tool, so I had a bit of fun with it. ^_^

external link has naked demons 

Every so often, I think about finishing the third and final part of the epic fanfic saga I abandoned back in middle school. Just polishing it off and suddenly popping up with it like no time had passed. But I'd have to put the other two parts back online somewhere for that to work and they were pretty bad, so that's not happenin'.

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