Wtf Tusky Nightly works fine, but Tusky keeps on crashing

And it was actually writen down during the ages 14–22

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What do you call it if it looks like 14 y.o. dumb fanfic but it’s actually original content actually played out in roles before written down? Like, playing it in roles as a writing method. But it feels kinda like a cheap graphomanic fanfic sometimes.

Video game idea:

You play as a new hire in some SV corp. The gameplay revolves around handling your workday events (checking emails, answering calls, solving puzzles in the form of spreadsheets, meeting colleagues etc..). Each workday has recurring as well as random events. You need to manage your work/life balance while getting things done.

Short after being assigned to a new project, you begin noticing odd exchanges, references to other projects with ominous code names etc... that pick the interest both you and some of your colleagues.

As you decide which lead to follow, the troubling truth about what the corporation is actually working on begins to unfold.

Your goal becomes collecting enough evidence to expose the company.

WTF is it with all the storming area 51 memes on Tumblr right now? Look we have a fair idea what happened there. In the 80s, the US government decided to burn classified toxic waste related to weapons testing there, and several people died and a lot more got sick. The government covered it up, and the civilian workers who had done the burning (with no protective equipment, mind you) sued to try to get information about what they were exposed to. No aliens, just the normal kind of cover up. is a community-supported instance designed for fans, fandom, and fandom content creators.