Diary-ish content: 

I can see again, huzzah 👀 Yesterday I spent a lot of time outside because the enforced rest had made me somewhat stir crazy. I still couldn't see well, but at least I moved around. Not being able to read/ watch anything for more than 10 minutes really limited my entertainment and my patience ran out Friday night. Never mind, it's all good now. YAY!!!

@shirasade Remember what I said yesterday? My right eye is puffy and achy... So, I'm stuck sitting in the waiting room of yet another doctor. I think I'll have to stay at home for today, because I can barely make out the letters while typing. Why oh why life?

Diary-ish content 

ST: Discovery S02×04 

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Share this far and wide, please, with or without any commentary added. Let's see if putting a hashtag in the body of a post lets the OP track its progress across the hub and/or fediverse.


ST: TNG - S04/19 

: Hi!
I used to be in fandom. I shipped, made a ton of manips and wrote a bit of fanfic. I found fabulous friendships. Then I stopped being involved. Gradually. I didn't want to migrate from livejournal to tumblr. Life happened.
So, this is me (not in any particular order): -ish
Let's do this.


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