new oc for a potential dnd game! he's a tabaxi cowboy... he's an outlaw...

just finished a commission for @rezzish ! i really had a blast drawing this shygal.

spoiling my own comic 

wdds act 2 looking good so far

@junebug commissioned me for a picture of her OC Hazel! it's genuinely always a blast to draw for june. :)

fallen london 

I acknowledge that frustration is likely, other players may be enemies as well as friends, and I am more likely to fail than succeed.

If I spend hard-won resources, or even Fate, and suffer from buyer's remorse or ill luck, no refunds will be forthcoming (unless the loss is the result of a bug).

watched lost boys with my dear good friend june, and had to make an edit. david lostboys is a queer villain.

drawing my fursona is always a good way to get my creative juices flowing

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