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what is the furriest blaseball team? i see a lot of garages and beans furries, but the magic has an actual coyote playing

*edit: beams

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"cory/lars is gay because they're both nonbinary"

no. cory/lars is gay because they're both pitchers.

original fiction latest comic page is up! i'm real proud of this one.

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this is concept art.

What i mean to say is that gender is like the vastness of four-dimensional space with two boxes western capitalist society has drawn in it. Two tiny boxes to try and fit the whole universe. Gender as we understand it is a failure. The reality of the human experience is vaster than we can imagine.

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Broke: the gender binary
Woke: the gender spectrum
Bespoke: the gender starfield

i think she has exactly one "relationship" to a male "parental" figure, and that's the fact that dave is her mom's husband. dave's her stepdad she's never met, and that's... about it.

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i also... really, really don't think yiffy *genuinely* hates her moms. like the comic i drew with her and vrissy, i think she's an angry little girl who craves the love and attention that all kids do! maybe she'll kick up a fuss when she and her moms meet up in canon, maybe she'll yell, maybe she'll call them names. who fucken knows. she definitely doesn't care about two almost random dudes she's never met more than her moms.

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i absolutely think yiffy hates her moms. partly because of the extremely difficult circumstances of being raised in secret at a boarding school, and partly because... she's sixteen. she's a sixteen-year-old girl, of course she hates her parents. i think all the omega kids hate their parents, and i think they all have their own perfectly valid reasons to, and i think not all of them will carry that hate forever. they're teenagers.

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