fallen london, august exceptional story spoilers 

i love my grubby, angry daughter

dr doofenshmirtz from phineas and ferb has queer villain pride

im high 

coasters are saucers for cans!

was feelin fuckin' sad, drew some vent art. decided not to include the text because just writing/drawing it out made me feel better enough not to want to include it. but the art still slaps, so. here

blood, nudity, Watership Down quote 

“Rabbits live close to death and when death comes closer than usual, thinking about survival leaves little room for anything else.”

tapas.io/episode/2196038 end of act 1 is live! thanks to everyone who's been a part of the WDDs readership for act 1- i hope to see you all for act 2 soon!

homestuck, spy kids 3 

pictured: june egbert (left, francis), terezi pyrope (right, arnold)

pictured, 2nd image: Vriska Homestuck (Demetra)

my cool and gorgeous pal @junebug commissioned me to draw some birthday art for my other friend @void ! happy belated birthday, bq!

new oc for a potential dnd game! he's a tabaxi cowboy... he's an outlaw...

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