Interesting read... Part 1 of a multipart series...

I Tried to Block Amazon From My Life. It Was Impossible.

Not even a custom-built VPN could stop Jeff Bezos's behemoth from slipping through the digital cracks.

@hit_the_books Articles like this always make me want to give up the internet and go live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere.

I'd miss the fanfic too much to actually do that, but dang.

I wonder what servers AO3 uses... Like, do they own their own metal?

@hit_the_books They do, as far as I know! AWS was not really big back when it was created, and half the point was in fact to own our own servers, down to the metal. :)

@hit_the_books I gotta say, she lost me when she talked about her daughter's daycare messaging her about her potty trips.

I agree though, amazon is a scary, evil empire

Yeah... I haven't heard of any day care in the UK offering such a service. They're usually all too busy and haggard from the crazy hoops our government makes them jump through.

@hit_the_books this was both chilling and depressing, but frankly a necessary read. thanks for sharing.

You're welcome.

I've been thinking about the ways I could abandon Google and Facebook at least.

@hit_the_books thankfully i quit facebook in 2008 (which is comical now, but true), but google... 😬😓

if you haven't seen it, has a long long list of alternatives for everything.

I've used a lot of the tools on there for browser configuration, and I found my preferred VPN there.

But I need to make that email switch.

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