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I'm getting my second COVID vaccine jab today.

Really hoping I won't be super ill for a second time from it.

I've already warned people who keep trying to ask me to do some socially distanced socialising this week and the weekend that I can't commit.

Work rant 🙃 

Why is it that it's the writer on our sales and marketing team (me) who seems to be the only one who knows anything about security, legal processes and to not screw about with client NDAs?

It's not my job to be aware of process sh*t like this. That I write about this crap is not an excuse for everyone else on the team to sit on their damn hands and learn nothing.


Me nodding along to @david's latest newsletter ❤️

Nail. Head.

(And generally just loads of cool shizzle.)

Looking elsewhere, it's looking like Cloudflare went tits up again.

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If you are vexed because M'aiq is late, remember that scholars say that when the Dragon breaks, all timelines are equally valid, including M'aiq's.

Watched WandaVision over the weekend, and I am unimpressed 

I got past the first few dragging episodes and found myself pretty unimpressed.

It was nowhere near as good as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. lacking any decent plotting, drama or tension. You could see most of what was coming from a mile away.

I think people who are hardcore into the screen universe but don't make fanworks... Don't know what bland storytelling is but this is it.

Excited to announce that The Intercept now has a Tor onion service version of its website, giving users a more anonymous option for reading the site


Any post-apocalyptic US roadtrip story that doesn't mention the still-thriving Amish population was written by a fool send post

I'm hearing some chatter from Hannibal fandom peeps of interest in setting up a Mastodon instance.

What's some good guides for this that I might share?

By evening my time yesterday, mainstream articles were starting to come out

Meanwhile biggest Destiel SPN server already affected by the auto rating thing.

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Adventures in reddit moderation, fandom and proshipping 

I feel after a lull we have seen an uptick this past year in people engaging in anti-esque behaviour on the sub.

Ship bashing use to be an issue a few years ago. This past year it's been increasing.

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Adventures in reddit moderation, fandom and proshipping 

We had a community update last weekend that included a reminder that we're proship and it says this in our rules.

Today, someone thought it would be okay to wander into a shippy post and start bashing the ship.

Not okay.

So I removed the offending comments, I messaged OP to say sorry for the harassment, and banned the rule breaker.

And we have now added an automod trigger for ship posts with proship reminder.

From birdsite... But Discord's days as a hub for "easy" fandom communication look increasingly numbered.

DnD rant 

Just seen a friend asking if anyone wanted to join the DnD group they're running... And suggesting classes to play that can heal as because they need a healer.

That is not how you build a party, in fact, if people get to build characters. No DM dictation on character class choices should be happening unless there are prewritten player characters involved 😒

Of course, OF COURSE the fucking operator of that famous excavator trying to free the ever given is both a sub-contractor and still hasn't been paid for all of his fucking OT work yet.

I've been learning Danish for 161 days so far.

Been really nice learning another language again.

I took seven years of German in school and all I can really do with that is read. Holding a conversation is something I can't do.

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