Debating with myself about whether to push out another chapter of or finish up this Christmas the end of January.

Yo, some of you guys have sliiightly different usernames on here, and I'm trying to sort out who I already knew from Tumblr and who is a new frand. Do me a huge favor and fave this if we're old acquaintances?

Taking a quick break from to finish up some porn. 😅 Dom should really stop leaving me home alone on Tuesday nights. I'm a goddamn desperate housewife...

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It had been an embassingly long time since I updated anything on AO3, and I finally got around to it after months of like, crippling depression and overwork. Holy shit. These sweet, amazing, encouraging comments could have saved me so much money on therapy. My heart is super full right now.

Tumblr flagged a bunch of my photos from the Met as adult content. It's already in a goddamn museum, Tumblr. Is it reeeeally your job to keep the world safe from it?

Yo, any veterans around who might be willing to tell me what lists are used for? Thanks in advance! ❤️

I appreciate the new followers but, uh, obligatory warning: links to my gay fanfiction are inbound. If that's what you're into, though, hey, stick around!

Leaving Tumblr for all the obvious reasons. Shouting into the Void, for now. Any Marvel fans made their way over here yet? If not, enjoy me and my cat. is a community-supported instance designed for fans, fandom, and fandom content creators.