time! I'm an living in the Netherlands with my wife, dog, and cat. We all have fandom names if you count the fandom.

I'm into and , like:

I also like and soft , especially the and .

I guess I'm here because because .

@izzy NK Jemisin! Spiritwalker trilogy! Gastropods! MURDERBOT!

hello welcome nice to meet you i like these things too

I am not caught up on Murderbot though, as my queue is pretty intense. I have the books, but haven't finished. No spoilers please but I am just happy to find others who Understand.

@Cobalt hello! I'm finishing the last Murderbot now, and I'll tag spoilers! 😊😊


@izzy I just recently started reading her works, but the 5th season trilogy made me fall back in love with fantasy!! The first book is soooooo well writtennnn & it fills my literatue nerd heart with joy to have these disrupted, well-crafted and highly political narratives. Also I love all the characters, how deeply flawed they are and the intricate worldbuilding!! ✨
I'm reading the Black Future Month anthology ATM & enjoying it a lot, too. Sorry, this was very long. What are your favorites?

@pink_ink ah rad! the black future month book is on my list. fifth season was really good, but I'm ashamed to admit it was too bleak for me to really enjoy it. the Inheritance trilogy+ is hands-down my favorite, because I'm such a sucker for those tropes, especially the god-trio. and the Dreamblood books have such good world building for every kid who went through that Egypt phase, you know? in any case YEAH she's got some good stuff!!

@izzy I understand; it *is* bleak but that's part of why I loved it so much. I also love the general level of doneness with oppressive structures Jemisin has in general.

I'm still undecided on which one of hers I'll read next after the Black Future Month title, but I've heard many good things about the Inheritance trilogy so maybe I'll try that next. I'm just so excited about her as a writer in general, she does such a good job making you care deeply about her very flawed characters, too!

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