saw my first hunnebed today! (I don't think there's really a translation for that?) they're 5000 year old grave sites from the first farmers in the Netherlands. and they're a lot bigger than they look. they're amazing to see because the rocks are huge and precarious, but also the space really feels... special, idk. it's probably the oldest human thing I've ever seen.

Barold makes me happy and maybe he can give you some happy, too.

but the BEST thing j did this week was play DnD for the first time. didn't love my pre-rolled character but it was great overall. now I have to build my own and I'm not really that kind of creative so... bah!

these stripes show the average temperature in the world over the last 100 years (redder = hotter). notice anything?

now I get a lazy Sunday chilling with this guy, who's a little sick, and very snoozy and clingy 😍

im tired but i heard there's good video game news. here's my dog bein' cute and tilting his head like the fuckin adorable dumbass he is

yesterday at the market there were smol cactuses with smol hats :bb8:

Vaan: I'm Captain Basch!
Me: iM fOuRtEeN aNd A cApTaIn BlErGh

something I found in my inherited code yesterday. apparently my sensors get to nap on the job!

i'm gay for stevonnie! you're gay for stevonnie! we're all GAY FOR STEVONNIE

check it out, my cat is getting rounder and my dog is a cutie. happy saturday

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