i'm gay for stevonnie! you're gay for stevonnie! we're all GAY FOR STEVONNIE

check it out, my cat is getting rounder and my dog is a cutie. happy saturday

so there's a guy on polygon lately that we refer to in my house only as "proper unhinged." it's a known that I vibe with him too hard to handle more than 30 seconds of him before my brain explodes.


it's been forever since y'all have seen my cat. have an action shot

when you update the details and image of that niche, non-english book on goodreads and it looks just right

the best message with some great energy. poke bowls are OUT, pho is IN!!!

just survived a six-day hike at Grand Canyon with my dad. it was exhausting walking over 16 km with 18 kilos on my back. but pretty it was pretty great. we got to see parts of the canyon that people don't often see. my blisters remind me how alive I am.

sometimes I remember the fucking aesthetic of Daft Punk in the video for the Weeknd's I Feel It Coming and... fuck yeah, that's my fucking shit, guys

oh my god the new starter pokemon are so fuckin cute I will never be able to pick they're so doofy and adorable

here's some cute as shit art I found on the tumbles by artist fluffysheeps


I'm reading (listening) to a book in the car about smart people's favorite explanations of things, and came across this fact:

Before we knew why the sky is blue (Rayleigh scattering mostly and human eyes also), scientists went out and measured *how* blue the sky was. They used a cyanometer to measure it's blueness.


my dad's watching again and he just sends me this without any explanation. here's to nearly thirty years making weird noises with my dad!

sorry, let me be a bit more positive... check out my good good cat!

was looking at my profile and reminded how much I love effin' birds. you can follow them on twitter (and tumblr). great for reaction images, like this one!


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