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I've got a new job! I will be way closer to home! with better benefits! and free public transportation! and I will be a Government Official!

and I will be freeeeeeee of the hell that is my current jobbbbbb

unfortunately, the book is only in dutch.

maar! als dat geen probleem is, heet het "de kleine geschiedenis van Utrecht voor dummies" door René de Kam. interessant, niet te academische, en op een relatief laag taalniveau voor nt2'ers zoals mij 😚

I'm reading a book about my city and keep having to face how old it is. 2000 years ago romans were chilling here, watching over the river and eating beef and wishing they had thicker socks.

and it's not just ruins we have, but written records. classics, even. that people can still read.

and somewhere my america brain breaks. we celebrated my town being 300 years old, and that's *old*. 2000 years? I can't. I just... can't??

I guess that's why they call 'em the old world and the new.

sick day number two: the flu-ening

aka I sneeze so hard my whole body cries

siiiiick daaaaay, that means lots of dungeons in zeldaaaaa

new job (+) 

@alis, you're stealing @robin again with your writing. how dare

I've still got a game boy color and I'm wondering if I should get Link's Awakening for it before it's out on the switch? didn't play it before and wondering if it's worth €20 to get it!

self-sabotage and imposter syndrome are fuckin' wild

after two interviews for a job at the national weather center that have gone really well, my anxiety isn't focused on the interviews anymore. now it's telling me I'd be terrible at the job. so there's that 😎

I'm reading (listening) to a book in the car about smart people's favorite explanations of things, and came across this fact:

Before we knew why the sky is blue (Rayleigh scattering mostly and human eyes also), scientists went out and measured *how* blue the sky was. They used a cyanometer to measure it's blueness.

I am utterly exhausted of occupying a physical form. The lack of routes towards transcendence into a being made entirely of light is just disgraceful.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Just Be Gay

my dad's watching again and he just sends me this without any explanation. here's to nearly thirty years making weird noises with my dad!

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