Thank you Madeline for excellent essay is excellent:

"Partners of these leftists often feel surprised at the disconnect between their admirable political convictions and their manipulative and unkind behavior. But holding lofty political ideals doesn’t preclude a person from sucking on an interpersonal level, something these people had to figure out the hard way."

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And if you think people are just doing good things for attention? Great! Give them the attention! They'll do more good things! Give them suggestions for things they can be doing that'll get them attention! Talk to them about their stances and ideas and discuss things with them. Because the more folks associate that positive feedback with being good, the more they'll just straight up bother to be good!

If you just call them out for virtue signalling, they won't even bother to do that.

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: Talk radio in languages where I'm rusty, as background chatter while working. Just enough sound to chill me out and remind me time is passing, just difficult enough to eavesdrop that I can concentrate, occasional eavesdropping as language learning. I think this could work, we'll see.

Calling all lesbians, bis, pans and all queers 

Passing on my thanks for helping my wife find some queer-centric books for the kids. They read all of them! Your suggestions were so good

Now she's looking for something more adult. Do you know any lesbian or queer romance novels? Consent is important to her, even in fiction. Other than that, go wild. Recommend away please. And thank you.

Advanced Life Support refresher: had a panic attack at my first attempt at simulated patient (a straightforward case I have managed in real life countless times), failed. Passed at second attempt. Beginning to doubt increased practice will fix my stage fright.

Meanwhile, the written paper: ninety-six percent. Boom 🤘

Whoops should I be cwing covid, I forget how timelines work

- pushing virtual Christmas early as Sturgeon did, tech training for older people, working with tech companies to set up 'staying connected' tech
- pushing group outdoor exercise between lockdowns, TV exercise in lockdown
- 'computers for schools' vouchers to raise money for kids who don't have home laptops, which also conveniently is a way for people at home to feel like they're helping out

- just generally positive but realistic messaging, on account of that's the thing that actually works

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- Panorama special rerun on Andrew Wakefield
- Anti-misinformation work with social media companies
- broadcasts on previous pandemics
- general scientific literacy push
- daily vaccine ticker on news advertising how far we've got
- push to 'quit smoking for the second wave', cardiovascular comorbidities work in lockdown
- STI home testing campaign while most people are past the window period, with 'we beat AIDS, we can beat this too' message

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Better campaigns we could have done thus far, without even changing any terrible policy decisions:

- covid kills, but so does inactivity - ways to keep older people mentally and physically engaged indoors, daily exercise broadcasts, do your own 'Captain Tom' walk
- earlier work reaching BAME communities re: vaccine misinformation
- panorama special on how vaccines work and how new drugs come to market

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Realistically if there's ever a time for me to quit all commercial social media it's as UKgov starts a wall-to-wall distressing and shame-tripping HashtagStayHome campaign, which will impact me mostly by meaning I have to spend time encouraging my most scrupulous friends into going for legal and socially distanced outside walks with friends rather than worsening their mental health crises, and telling them I don't want to talk about work by implying work is mostly not actually that bad

I've changed it to 'female' in the free text box to see how it works, but realistically if there's ever a time to quit all commercial social media it's as UKgov starts a wall-to-wall distressing and guilt-tripping campaign

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Oh WOW, if I switch my gender to "not a lady" on birdsite it goes from advertising nursing jobs to advertising surgical postgrad exams, uh huh uh huh

My messages went unanswered for two months and I am now answering them. People are being kind, and the "I don't think I can hold appropriate space for you" meme can piss off; we are almost all almost always at our emotional capacities these days.

via Sarah Michelle Gellar (FB):

"I just realized that today is #Buffy Summers 40 bday. I can’t even believe that. She taught that the the hardest thing in the world is to live in it. So in her honor let’s all be brave. Live. This may not be the way we are used to living our lives, but let’s find the beauty. So we can all live long and safely. #happybirthdaybuffy #buffy40 "
(cw: eyecontact)

I am a Lady who follows the doctors big on medtattler plus every queer doctor on medtattler, so of course, my feed is increasingly filled with ads for nursing jobs

Me, constantly: I feel vaguely mysteriously bad for no reason, I wonder why? Guess there's nothing to be done and I'll be like this forever, oh well life is pain, guess I better repress all feelings

Me the moment I do mindfulness: OH my posture sucks and I'm dehydrated and hungry and I haven't been outside and I need to stretch, like, immediately --

uspol, medic preparation 

Even if you're in a *state* capitol, download a copy of Riot Medicine -- particularly read the trauma section -- and get a kit together.

I’m getting a lot of mileage out of the newly coined phrase “information disorder”*:

Communicable information disorders.

Information poisoning.

Maybe there is an epidemiological approach to disinformation that fits in with my idea of healthy communicating systems and information hygiene.

* That was used to describe the problem of disinformation affecting American democracy by the new commission studying it, The Commission on Information Disorder.

Someone had a bad take on fanfic on birdsite, but one thing they did get right and that is that fandom is increasingly turning into an MCU hellscape since like...Avengers I

All writing is good! But shilling for megacorps for the bare minimum of decency (which they'll cut for international release and edit down for One Million Moms) is...we can do better.

Best thing about working through a pandemic is unquestionably the ability to respond "I'm a healthcare worker in a pandemic and this has ruined my week" to any trifling inconvenience or disappointment

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