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Today, the lab TA for my psych class looked at my laptop and was like "hey, nice sticker!"

AND I GOT SO EXCITED...thinking, for a split second, that he was talking about the Kaiji one I just got yesterday...

...He was talking about the TAZ sticker.


On a different note...I recently gave in and made a MyAnimeList account. So that I can keep track of what anime I have and haven't watched, etc.

(Side note: is there a better site to use for that than MAL? I feel like I saw one once. But MAL was the only one that came up through my search engine efforts.)

Anyway, according to my own input, I've only dropped 13 out of the 83 shows I've watched in my life. This seems...way too low, considering the way my attention span is.

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By the way, since I finally finished rewatching Kaiji several days ago…I’ve had a chance to catch up on all the anime I want to follow this season, too :D

The shows I’m now following:

I'm really enjoying all four shows so far, but I think my ranking right now is... MP100 > Dororo > Kaguya-sama > Promised Neverland. Who knows how I'll feel by the end of the season...

(Of course I'm also watching the Bandori anime, but that's separate :P)

Why do the lyrics of Adabana Necromancy make me so emotional...


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I spent a while trying to figure out how old Kaiji's mom I could figure out what decade she grew up that maybe I could learn more about how her life's been.........but then I realized it's kind of impossible to guess without knowing how old Kaiji's sister is. >>;

(Personally I've always thought she's somewhere between 3 and 5 years older than Kaiji...but that's based on nothing. Maybe she's 1 year older? Maybe she's 10 years older? Who know)

OK NEVER MIND, I FIGURED IT OUT...I thought that fic was written for the 2018 event, but it was actually for the 2019 one. So I was just looking at the page for the wrong year.

But...the 2019 event looks like it's still ongoing. So no one's even started deanoning yet. Guess I'll wait.

I'm just so happy to find more Kaiji fic...even if it's in a language I'm bad at reading...and more Kaiji fans, even if they're on a completely different part of the internet... ;____;

:/; There's a Kaiji fic on AO3 that I want to translate into English...but I have no idea how to get the author's permission...because I have no idea who the author is.

...The fic was originally written anonymously for a fandom event on some other site. That fandom event seems to have deanon threads, but...I can't find anyone there taking credit for this specific fic...but I don't really understand how to navigate the site, so it's possible I'm just missing it...? Aaaaah.

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You know, for someone who really enjoys Kaiji...and who wants other people to watch/read it too...

...Man, am I bad at selling it to people.

A friend of mine today: Oh, yeah, you're rewatching Kaiji lately? I've heard about that show, is it good?

Me:'s stressful!!! :D

Me, talking to someone I’m trying to get to know: Hey, do you know about Kaiji?

Them: Oh, yeah…I tried watching that once, but I couldn’t get into it…I just didn’t like the main character, you know…like, he was too whiny...


Had a bad dream last night where my parents wouldn't stop making fun of me for not knowing the rules to some basic casino card came. I spent ages trying to figure out what the "divine winds" in a deck of playing cards were...

Apparently my anxiety about not knowing how mahjong works is realer than I thought. :P

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