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For personal reference: every Bandori gacha that Maya's going to be in, that hasn't reached EN server yet, in chronological order 

(…Because I keep thinking about EN server star-saving in terms of “what’s the next 4* Maya” and that’s not right!! I need to make sure to get ALL her gacha cards, not just the 4*s!)

1. Bushido Gacha: Maya 4*
2. Luminous Gacha: Maya 3*
3. Halloween Gacha: Maya 3* (cat!!)
4. Drama Club Gacha: Maya 4*
5. Ideal Gacha: Maya 4*

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En l’absence de leurs prédateurs humains, les MIG sortent en plein jour pour s’abreuver. Nous sommes le virus. La nature guérit.

FMA:B episode 10 spoilers 

UPDATE: I'm even more surprised by my lack of spoilers now that I've discovered that Hughes FUCKEN DIES


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I've started watching Fullmetal Alchemist for the first time (Brotherhood, not the original) and I'm honestly astounded at how little I've been spoiled on this show. All I knew going in was Al and Ed's backstory and, y'know, Nina's Situation, From The turns out all of that shakes out in the first four episodes. I don't know SHIT that's gonna happen in the following sixty.

And it's a good show! Best first episode of anything I've watched in a long time. Lots of intrigue in 24 minutes.

Whyyyy is there no OshiBudo fic on AO3 ;____; Am I the only one dying to see some Got Dam Resolution in this Got Dam Relationship!! Like don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be watching this show if I wasn't on board with wacky miscommunication, but it all just makes me want...........fanfic..........where the communication goes better................

COVID-19, school 

Today a person in one of my classes revealed that they had not heard about the coronavirus. Like, at all.

Imagine living that life...

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i have cat like reflexes. if i see a cat, i like it reflexively.

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Mad respect for aquatic mammals. Evolution was like "You don't have to be in the water anymore" and they just said "Nah" until their legs went away again.

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Illustration of an evil Mario from a review of Mario Party 2 from the Australian N64 Gamer magazine, illustrating the joke that Mario Party games ruin friendships due to causing strife over random outcomes. Over the years, this developed into a common joke in many publications.

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Today I'm beefing with: people who make some random comment about Georgia that includes absolutely ZERO context to help guess which Georgia they mean

D'you think cats get annoyed when you pick them up and walk with them for a bit and them put them down in a different location for absolutely no reason

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The opposite of formaldehyde is casualdejekyll :blobcoffeeraccoon:

I wish I had friends who had OCs that weren't D&D OCs :'/ Like, I'm happy to talk about my OCs with other people, and to hear about other people's OCs, but it's kind of awkward swapping OC stories when their OCs are all Paladin Tieflings and whatnot, and mine are all kids with mommy issues.


No matter how hard you rewatch Code Geass, it will never be 2008 again


I have a deep hunger for those goofy old Code Geass MADs where like, Zero pelvic thrusts really fast to Touhou music or Gourmet Race or whatever...I need to relive those years...please send me some if you know where to find any

D'you ever just compulsively fuckin lie to a stranger about the budget of your school club because you forgot how to say "I don't know, the Treasurer is the person who knows that"

Also, for those following along at home, the anime I'm watching this season are: 

- ID:Invaded
- Kyokou Suiri
- Eizouken
- Magia Record
- OshiBudo
- Bandori S3

(Not listed in any particular order)

And I've already dropped:

- Hanako-kun
- Pet
- Dorohedoro
- Koisuru Asteroid
- Runway de Waratte

Mediocre season is mediocre, just as expected. But next season we're getting Fruits Basket AND Kaguya-sama back so who cares.

Watching ID:Invaded this season is the final push I needed to go rewatch Code Geass, apparently. They both have this energy of..."hammy and kinda stupid but entertaining" that really appeals to me. But it's been over a decade since I watched Code Geass...I have to know how it holds up now...

...Although, I remember Code Geass being a *lot* more stupid. But is it also...a lot more entertaining? 🤔

d'you ever Consume a Media and then feel like you need to write a 10-page paper just to put into words what exactly you didn't like about it

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