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For personal reference: every Bandori gacha that Maya's going to be in, that hasn't reached EN server yet, in chronological order 

academic negative 

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food? Meals 

Do you ever

stare at your calendar

like "wow, how am I going to have time to do everything I need to do"

but you're not actually getting anything done. You're just staring at your calendar.

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‪welcome to the alien aisha vending machine!! got any nerkmids?‬ #neopets #art

Becomes one of those people who keeps photos of their children in their wallet and pulls them out to show anyone at any time, except instead of my actual real child it's Maria Ushiromiya

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...The problem with me trying to find a free responsive website template to edit is that I hate the way Modern Web Sites look.

I shouldn't have to scroll five times to get through your fancy header with the mountain in the background to get to the actual content. >:T

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...They should really have a "how to recycle" class in elementary school.

Because y'know what? I just talked to my three college-aged roommates, and apparently NONE of them knew that you have to wash the food residue off of stuff before you put it in the recycle bin. Plus one of them's been putting chip bags in there. So people really aren't being taught at home...

I spent this entire week making a website...and only realized this morning that it looks like absolute garbage on mobile.

...My web design sensibilities are stuck in the 90's. This "responsiveness" thing is unfathomable to me. 😨

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Training a neural network to generate fake ICD-10 (illness/injury) codes.

My favorites so far:

Z620 Acquired absence of left ankle

Z8611 Immunization not carried out because of brain, unspecified, sequela

W3501XS Accidental discharge of prostate

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okay we're curious about another thing

when people post selfies, when is it helpful to have "eye contact" in the CW?

ABA, Autism Speaks mention 

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Touhou 17 

Decided to start playing TH17, see whether I can get my danmaku-dodging skills back up after nearly a decade...

The title screen music this time around is real funky, huh?

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