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For personal reference: every Bandori gacha that Maya's going to be in, that hasn't reached EN server yet, in chronological order Show more

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Me when I go to a therapist I don't like for whatever reason: I wish there were more autistic therapists

Me when I'm in a building I don't like for whatever reason: I wish there were more autistic architects

Me if I ever acquire a basket I don't like for whatever reason: I wish there were more autistic basketweavers -

Guess what time it is...

...Time for me to get back into Touhou it looks like

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So students at my school do "shitposiums" every year concurrent with the official Student Symposium Series. This year, we've got:

5:50 - Pokémon and Morality
6:05 - Weird Things on the Radio
6:20 - Russian Orthodoxy and How it Came to America
6:35 - Classical Memes for Hellenistic Teens
6:50 - Vexillology: The Study of Flag Symbols
7:20 - Everything Wrong with Reptiles in Cinema
7:35 - MONOPOLY™ : Let's Give it a GO!
8:25 - The Hot Second and Other Units of Measurement
8:45 - WTF the Fuck is Homestuck?

I've known how to read hiragana for years.....................and yet I still misread "Sarazanmai" as "Kiriginmai" the first time I saw it.


Accidental self-injury?? Knives Show more

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This week's experiments with photo bashing to make sketches. Felt good to do rough, comfort zone work.

...Damn. Apparently tomorrow is not just Homestuck's an IMPORTANT Homestuck Day. It's the Homestuck Decennial. Ten whole years since the start of Homestuck...

...I totally hadn't I feel like I can't let the day pass without Doing Something...

I feel constantly flexed on by languages that don't gender their pronouns. At least I'm not speaking a language that genders things like adjectives and verbs *too*

There's something so exciting about the first week of a new anime season... ^w^

So far I've checked out Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fruits Basket, and Kono Oto Tomare, and I definitely want to keep up with all three of them. But I haven't even gotten to Carole & Tuesday yet...and the first episode of Sarazanmai isn't even *out* yet...I wonder how many shows I'll really end up following......

Here's my advice for the day: keep an eye out for interesting cloud formations whenever you're outside. It's free and fun. Sometimes you can just feel happy about how pretty the sky is.

I'm always holding out hope that I'll spot one of those Kelvin-Helmholtz wave clouds, personally...or maybe something like that horseshoe cloud I saw on the internet once. I don't even understand how that one forms. The atmosphere is so weird, haha.

On the plus side, I got into Fansplaining (the podcast) during my morning transit today.

Y'all hear about it?

...It's good.

I was TOTALLY busy last weekend...

And it looks like I'm gonna be TOTALLY busy this weekend too...


When do I get a break, please...

(I have fics I wanna translate...WaniKani I wanna catch up on...and that's not even getting into like, Actual Relaxing Activities. help)

My school's Developmental Disabilities major: [unknown as a whole, but there's at least a few students there who are like, not terrible, and genuinely interested in disability rights and disabled people's voices]

Me: [hands these students a cake]

The message written on a small walnut I've hidden inside the cake: "Don't forget that it's morally wrong to practice ABA even if it's part of your education here and someone eventually pays you to do it"

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...I've got so many pies...........and not enough fingers. @______@;

Fandom question, 18+ (kink) Show more

Fandom question, 18+ (kink) Show more

Shout out to the person in my intro to Python class who's just been reading fanfic on AO3 for the past two lectures...would that I could be so brave.

(Although, I feel like the material we've been covering in lecture has been pretty hard lately...inheritance, polymorphism, abstract kinda design stuff that we'll definitely have to use on our next project...I-I hope you have some programming experience from before this...)

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