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For personal reference: every Bandori gacha that Maya's going to be in, that hasn't reached EN server yet, in chronological order 

Here's a sad story from my life:

Recently I started watching Symphogear. Today I finished the first season. And...I'm not really That into it. Like, I enjoy the episodes enough, but I'm not finding it as life-changing as I was expecting from all the praise.

But now I feel like I need to speed through the rest of the seasons anyway...

So that I can watch the latest, last season as it airs in July...


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Think about how much of the operation of modern society is enabled because of our presumption of literacy. Just - no really, stop and think how much of life goes by without a pain because we can, more or less, assume folk can read.

Imagine what a presumption of a full belly and a warm bed could do.

Gender/sexuality thoughts 

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illustrated haiku feauring body horror/gore 

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attention all Touhou gamers:

I wrote a deep and personal reflection on how Touhou Project inspires me to live my best life

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this kind of in-your-face combative messaging addressed at changing harmful behaviors towards queer people is a great example of a large organization doing pride right




I hate when a gacha game is like,

"Guess what! We've got a special event for you! It's on a three-hour timer! Make sure you wake yourself up every three hours at night so you can maximize your gains!"

and I'm immediately like, "Hmm...maybe I *SHOULD* wake myself up every three hours..."

In honor of my friend finishing EP2 of Umineko, I'm listening to worldenddominator on repeat...

...God, I love zts. What a gift to the world every track they make is.

Gross candy 

OC development gripes 

Kaiji 319 spoilers 

Ryukishi07's relationship with his OCs is so relatable. Like, that one OC you stick in some form or other into every universe you create? He has one of those. That OC you put into your first 'verse just because they're your oldest and dearest? He has one of those. makes me happy that he just Goes For It like that. If he's allowed to do self-indulgent things like that in his stories, maybe I am, too.

Me, trying to convince my friend to go apeshit this Friday evening and just read Umineko all night long

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The best thing about her is how unpopular she is. Not even that she's unpopular, but that there are a lot of people out there who actively DISLIKE her. Like...*because* she's ugly. People actively dislike her because it makes them uncomfortable that she's ugly.

I love that. The ability of an anime girl to offend someone just with the way her face is drawn, and the wacky costumes she wears. That kind of powerful character design really earns my respect. I love an ugly girl.

...I wanna get back into Cinderella Girls...just to stan Suzuho.

My feeling is that I Cannot care about Cute Girls in a series with nearly 200 of them, so now I only want to stan ugly girls. And Suzuho is...the best ugly girl. Not just within iM@S, but within the sphere of every idol series I know about. Like...she's the best representation of the Ugly Girl Aesthetic I've seen. She's just a total goblin woman. She's out there owning it 24/7. I love her.

Look at her...

School griping 

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My lover is a goblin peddler of fruits,
I knew when I first bit into him
I was lost. The juices ran free and the smell
of peaches followed me.
He plays an animal and I play with him, his claws on my neck
do not force me to stay, yet I indulge
and wrap my fingers around his.
Tell me of the trees where the fruit grow.
But he does not. He just tells me to dance.
My tongue wrap around another piece of fruit
and I lick his fingers clean.
He is hideous, I want him, I want him. #corvusrobotica

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omg so i'm trying to log into my old hotmail from when i was a kid and the security question has me so fucked up, i don't understand it at all it's like it's written by charlie from iasip

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