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SO UPDATE- I have an AO3 account where I write different hcs and fics for Haikyuu, Free!, and Kuroko No Basuke! I talked about sexual orientation, bdsm, and disability in some fics ☺

Below is a link to my AO3 if you're interested ❀


Anybody know any accounts that make edits/talk about the anime Free! ? Would love to be referred to them ❀

A meme about how I feel about getting into grad school for your time

The parallels of Hinata/Kageyama and Kuroko/Kagami are UNCANNY. Which characters do you think have more chemistry? I prefer Hinata/Kageyama, BUT I like Kagami more than Kageyama. What are your thoughts? Share below!

(10/10) After all these years, we STILL don't know who Golden Freddy is! Rather, we don't know how many people even exist in Golden Freddy. After 'The New Kid' we are led to believe that there may be 3 people in Golden Freddy: Crying Child, Vengeful Spirit, and ?... What do you think?

I feel like we were all thinking about the puppet in the early games, but I feel like we have forgotten the puppet as of late, even if we're talking about FNAF 6 and Ultimate Custom Night. Did we ever figure out if the puppet was the one stuffing the bodies into the suits rather than Afton...? πŸ€”

After the ICONIC @matpatgt explained how FNAF World ties into the Glitchtrap/Help Wanted story arch, I feel like we were all shooketh πŸ‘€ However, there are CLEARLY some lore implications that tie to the first story arch... Otherwise EXPLAIN THIS. I'm waiting πŸ’¬

So... you're telling me it took YEARS to develop this complex lore about a child murderer... to throw it all away... for this? I think this is a cool concept, but I think it taints the rest of the story. I think this concept should've been used in a completely different game. AI taking over and video games coming out into the real world is a cool concept, but it shouldn't be melded with Chuck E. Cheese murders.

It doesn't matter if Michael is the son of William Afton or Henry Emily. He is carrying on the family curse and trying to undo everything. However, he is VERY FAR from perfect. What traumas are carried on through generations? Robot spaghetti is just a manifestation of what genes are passed down to us as well as how anxiety and trauma changes our body over time.

The trailer for Sister Location where Baby looks up and opens her eyes- that is ICONIC. Baby is one of my fav animatronics because she has such a horrifying story, and she is one of the most cognisant animatronics.

is Ballora's mind made up of the perceptions of William Afton? I believe that her soul lives in Ballora. The way she processes grief does seem to be that of her own. Why is there so little women in FNAF? Why don't we know as much about the women in these stories? I believe that William killed his wife. What are y'all thoughts on Ballora or just women in the FNAF series?

(3/10) I find it so interesting that a story that centers around child murderers + people who seem like pedophiles (πŸ‘€) created a set of toys to weed out sex offenders? what a cool mechanism, way too advanced for the 80s, but how did they have the toy animatronics before the Missing Children's Incident of '85? What a failure

(2/10) Game Theory and many other FNAF fans talk about the how Nightmare is a representation of death, although Game Theory has talked about how Nightmare could be an experiment of putting a human brain inside of an animatronic, but I digress... It makes me wonder what other traumas are hidden in children's bedrooms.

I am just so inspired by MatPat on Game Theory for FNAF. I know this is a very old video at this point, but when he describes the relevance of the workbook and how it ties to the carousel is so fascinating to me. Let me know what were you favorite subjects for Game Theory, and I'll try to make edits revolving around them!

What fandoms are y'all a part of? I am all over the place and make edits for all of them! Here are a few: !
I'm currently doing a series on my Instagram, which I will be moving here! Is there anything you're particularly interested in?

Hello y'all this is my ! I am a multifandom editing account, and I make a variety of edits, but I am to be inclusive and educational at heart <3 moving here from Instagram! My pronouns are she/her/hers.


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