Looking at people online complaining about rent and parking in makes me realize that:

- It's mostly white people complaining about west side of LA, aka Santa Monica
- To these white people, East LA = Downtown, Koreatown

Like, really? I guess San Gabriel Valley / South LA / Torrance / Long Beach / Pasadena aren't really "LA" to them?

My normie boyfriend is now into Persona5 soundtrack!!

My otaku education is working!!

Hi everyone, I'm Krys!

- Still into , also European history these days. Might post historical headcanons for or GER48.
- Open to a new fandom where I can enjoy some nice ships, write some fics...
- Currently playing . DC: Primal. Omni 80s, would like a static soon.
- Californian, might talk about industry.
- Amateur dessert maker during quarantine.
- Renaissance - early baroque is my jam.
- Love Vienna.
- Liberate , revolution of our times!


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