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Hi, I'm Lethe! My heart is pledged to manga, JRPGs, VNs, and stories in any shape.

All things dearest to me converge in the creation of shrines, a type of fansite and relict from the web of old; to me, that's where passion and devotion are distilled by way of analysis and interpretation, and take shape in the coalescence of language, poetry, design and code. It's an effort to make the fleeting eternal – snapshots of my feelings and my self preserved in online memory capsules.

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My shrines are stationed at (main, dated) and (subproject, current). My latest creation after a break of several years is on the manga "The Top Secret" by Reiko Shimizu: I'd love to get back to working on sites regularly again.

I briefly had a Mastodon account in 2017 and am now giving it another go. Looking forward to interacting with new people here – especially if you're also working on personal sites! ❤

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When you're gaming on a Sunday afternoon and think "I should stop in 10 min to go make websites", but your resolve is crumbling and then... your Dualshock controller decides to pull the plug for you by running out of battery. Ty, my steadfast controller.

I'm not an impulse buyer, but my weakness is Kirby. I bought myself the Tree of Dreams quite some time ago, assembled it, then realized that no matter where I set it up in the apartment, it looks like a dildo towering above my stuff. (You could say that Revolutionary Girl Utena has trained my eye to see phallic symbols in everything.)

Now I've finally sold it. 😢😢😢 I'm sorry i couldn't love you. 😢😢

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I've put together a survey about the Small Internet (#gopher, #gemini, individual webpages, small community sites) and I would love your input. If you are a small internet user, please spend a few minutes and fill in your thoughts. I'm especially interested in the open response questions. This will help inform an upcoming conference talk I'll be giving at

Also, please boost this on fedi as much as possible and feel free to re-share on other social networks and in other communities. The more responses the better.

#smallweb #smallinternet

German readers tend to think that US manga reprints/availability are handled better, but I don't get that impression and I doubt it's just due to paper scarcity recently. (How else do you explain Haikyuu not being available when it's so popular?)

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Trying to buy the first volume of Skip and Loafer and it's out of stock (released 08/2021), what complete BS. I remember a while ago I had issues with getting Banana Fish and Rose of Versailles and even Haikyuu (managed to get all three through different channels/in different languages), and it's shocking how soon some manga in English are out of print after their release/reprint...

nothing will take away from another; the magic with design/creativity is that once you take the time to sit down and commit, and allow yourself the space for things to take shape (including any time perceived as idle), something will come off it...

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It's amazing how often my mental state switches between "I DON'T WANNA MAKE ANY LAYOUT FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS" and "if I don't give birth to a new layout that represents the current me anytime soon I will lose my mind. GIVE ME TIME TO LAYOUT".

There's a set of resources (secret 👻) I've fallen in love with, and I can imagine it being a perfect match for three layouts that I am planning... I suspect that the challenge of their delineation is part of the blockade, though I'm sure that

The wondrous effect of ragequitting a layout and revisiting it after 1–2 weeks... What looked like trash now looks decent.

Wondering whether to give "even if TEMPEST" a try, considering I haven't played any Voltage game before and have been ignoring their Switch ports of mobile otome games. I didn't even know this one wasn't a port lol.

Currently playing London Detective Mysteria, which has been in my backlog for 3.5 years. 😱 It's charming enough, but doesn't stand out in any way. What an odd localization choice, especially so late into the PS Vita cycle.

Played almost three hours of Disco Elysium so far, haven't really been able to get into it. :|a Should play some more to determine whether it's really just not my thing.

Finally watched Miraculous Ladybug S4 two weeks ago, heartache at the start and at the end and so often in between. Bless this delightful series for always hitting the right note and always taking creativity to the next level. Heals my heart. 😭💖

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I managed to get my hands on nearly the whole reprint set of Banana Fish by Viz (sans the final volume) last September, but never had the time to sit down and sink in (it was a rough beginning). Sat down today and read it all in one go... Might not have picked the best time for it in retrospect; low energy + melancholia aren't a pleasant combo. 😱

Nothing beats starting the weekend with a good swim and getting a bunch of chores done before noon. 💙

When using Tusky on Android, my home feed doesn't display successive/chained toots by the same original poster (including myself). It only displays the first toot, with no indication that there are more (until I click on the first toot itself). Is this intended behaviour or is there a setting I'm missing?

Balancing life with creative time is just a thing that happens, but balancing recovery with creative time tends to leave me with mixed feelings. I keep thinking that if I pushed myself more with writing/designing in the evenings, I'd be more satisfied and progress more quickly...

But writing on my thesis all day is already bleeding me dry. I need to stop thinking that I'm doing a bad job at balancing consuming and creating just because I'm allowing myself to recover by doing something joyful.

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Indie games and VNs are a different matter though, since they tend to be on the shorter side!

The sense of joy, wonder and serenity that and evoked a while ago made me add a bunch of indie games to my Steam wishlist, and they've all been going on sale one after another lately. 🙈 The past week or so, I've been hooked to and , and they've allowed me to turn off my brain in the evenings when I'm too exhausted to do anything else.

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Haven't done anything related to since returning from my trip over a week ago, really miss it; there are so many more sites I want to create and remake.

For the first quarter of 2022, I told myself, no JRPGs or other long games so that I can focus on site-making, which worked out well. I'd like to keep it that way for the time being, especially since the next game on the list is ToCS IV, and the games are loooong. 🙃

@vampire Hello! <O><O> I've heard from you before through @kaworu, and am happy to see fellow hobby site makers on Mastodon. 🥰 Your site has impeccable aesthetics! ✨

Congrats on finishing law school, by the way! We're in the same field. 🙈

@mudousetsuna All your cosplay adventures look so fun! 🥰 I love all the old and niche fandoms omg?? (Mostly looked at your SO2, Angel Sanctuary, .hack, Trails, Princess Tutu... I'm so fond of those casual Beruche and camo jacket Setsuna cosplays – I love it when people cosplay such brief appearances! ❤️

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