not new to mastodon, but haven't had anything to post for a long time. happy to find a fandom instance!

i'm larissa and i spend way too much writing. the rest of the time is spent playing video games and procrastinating on writing. mostly into final fantasy, but can also be found yelling about fallout, critical role, mass effect, pokémon, and extremely obscure video game soundtracks no one's ever heard of. if you want vg music recs, hit me up.

@lightning "vg music recs" throw some here o/ my vgm knowledge ends a little bit after hamauzu went freelance, so i'm a couple years behind, haha...

@viridiian i'll give you some of my favorite albums i've come across in the past year or two, then!
nier: (the game is terrible, the ost is AMAZING)
pyre: (one of my fav games + osts this year)
no man's sky: (never played it but FUCK THE MUSIC IS SO GOOD)
the sims: (yes, really. IT'S SUPER RELAXING OKAY)

@lightning thank you for the recs!! i've listened to nier's ost before but didn't know they released a bunch of arrangement albums too! and the others are totally new to me :DDD except maybe the sims but i haven't touched that since sims 2 lol

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