reasons red dead redemption 2 is a good video game: i had a duel on top of a moving train, won, and jumped down onto my horse running alongside it

reasons rdr2 is a bad video game: i constantly have to feed arthur snack cakes to keep him from being underweight, to say nothing of keeping all my guns on the fucking horse and making me get them off EVERY SINGLE TIME. also the fact that it took me ten hours to unlock fast travel, jesus fucking christ

gore, or, common medical practices circa 1899 

whatever complaints i have about the gameplay (and i have a lot), the level of simulation this game goes to is unreal. there are a lot of tedious things in rdr2, but the end result is that it makes the entire world seem far more real. a lot of games try the open world thing, but one of the reasons a lot of them are bad at it is because they can't hide the seams - you know you're just doing this shit because it's a game. the level of immersion in rdr2 goes a long way towards hiding those things.

all of this said: i'm like 15 hours in don't fucking spoil me for anything or so help me god. now, back to it...

@lightning anyway mostly what I know about this game is that there's a character who say's he's from Donegal but he has a Dublin accent because the Irish Internet was all over that unforgivable offence.

@rydia ๐Ÿ˜‚ tbh thatโ€™s legit
and honestly i donโ€™t know


@rydia THANKS ENTER KEY. idk if i recommend rdr2, because mechanically it has a lot of issues (nearly all of which tie back to its strict adherence to Being A Simulation Of The Real World And Not A Video Game), but at the same time iโ€™m really captivated by the characters and story. iโ€™m not very far in yet but iโ€™m already hooked in that regard, and story is often the thing i care about most, so.
but yeah, opinion pending.
(rdr1 was amazing tho. did you ever play it?)

@lightning hmm yeah, the story would be the thing to get me to play. Maybe someday I'll get around to it. Although, no I haven't played rdr1! I always meant to get around to it but you know how it is and now I no longer have a console I can play it on.

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