1: i have used evernote since 2010.
2: in that time, i have never EVER needed to download the desktop app. i use it through the browser, because i mostly use it on my phone anyway.
3: i now want to back up my data. this requires downloading the desktop app. because you can't do it online. at all.
4. i install it and log in.

evernote: "you have exceeded the number of devices you can use with this account! please upgrade πŸ™‚"


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@lightning update: i haven’t finished setting up my evernote replacement and forgot i had to install the fucking desktop app. today i went to open it on my ipad, and.......
β€œYou have been logged out! πŸ™‚β€
fuck you too, evernote.

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update 2: i have been looking for alternatives for a solid month now and have tested out a good half dozen note-taking apps.

it stands to reason, then, that the very first one i tried is the one that actually suits my needs best.


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update 3: i have been using my chosen evernote alternative for three weeks now.

today it deleted EVERYTHING.

i cannot catch a goddamn break.

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@lightning What are you switching to? Been thinking about moving away from Evernote, too.

@demitas currently i'm setting up joplin ( which is pretty stripped down but is something i can host/sync myself (a nice plus).
there are a LOT of other options though ( so if i don't like this one i'll try some others!

@lightning YEAH i have 2 laptops & a phone and that was too many devices for evernote so i was like fuck you guess i’ll switch

i ended up not super loving the thing i switched to (nimbusnote) but it doesn’t draw my ire so whatever

@lightning Holy shit, is there a backup for the notes you took in 3 weeks?

nope πŸ™ƒ because i lost everything AS I WAS TRYING TO GET IT TO SYNC.

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