the clearance section at staples is a magical and wonderful place. i do not journey there often, for it is hard to resist the siren call of Extremely Cheap Office Supplies.

today’s haul:
- large pack of sharpie highlighters
- pouch to put said highlighters in
- small moleskine notebook for $5, which for moleskine is highway robbery
- and finally the actual thing i went to staples for: post-it note tabs to mark pages.

also i passed on a pack of 50¢ notebooks even though they were VERY cute

@lightning you are so strong!!! Notebooks are my personal weakness

@chocochipbiscuit honestly the only reason i resisted was because i bought cheap notebooks the week before last... i have to have SOME limits here

@lightning The last time I went to staples my favorite Moleskine journal (blue and white chevron fabric cover, normally a $22 journal) was on sale for $5

I bought all three that they had on the shelf.

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