hey mastodon how's it going-- OH MY GOD

(for real though is everything okay good grief)


(these are my all-time two favorite tropes and it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick between them, SORTER WHY)

i spent all day finally pulling together my wordcount stats for 2018 BUT AT LEAST IT'S FINALLY DONE diali.dreamwidth.org/2019/01/1

tbh considering this disaster of a graph is what made me set it down two weeks ago, i'm glad i was able to come back to it at all... charts are not my friend. BUT TODAY. TODAY I HAVE CONQUERED. βš”οΈ πŸ“Š

dear fucking god, i did it. i wrote a million words in a year.

i am never doing it again. ever. ever ever ever ever EVER.

Dawn of The Final Day -24 Hours Remain- 

so at the beginning of the year i set a goal to write a million words. (hint: don't do this. it was a very bad idea.) i am now less than 2,000 words away from reaching it. in theory i'm excited but in practice i'm really tired............. i just want january to come so i can be done with this..............................

(also these monthly targets are off, i had to match them to my words written to figure out what i had left to write for the year)