meeee. though i haven't figured out what I'm writing yet 😭😡😨

nope πŸ™ƒ because i lost everything AS I WAS TRYING TO GET IT TO SYNC.

update 3: i have been using my chosen evernote alternative for three weeks now.

today it deleted EVERYTHING.

i cannot catch a goddamn break.

oh my god i did it i caught up on my reading goal for the year. i’m one book ahead of schedule. I HAVE A SHOT AT THIS.

now i just have to keep it up πŸ’ͺ😀 10 down, 40 to go!

@tparadox i am scrolling back through local now and i'm just. holy shit. KIDS THESE DAYS, I GUESS???

... i should have picked a different gif now i want pizza

hey mastodon how's it going-- OH MY GOD

(for real though is everything okay good grief)

If these are the only ways I can sign into your web app, I'm not interested. No matter how useful that app is

😩 i spent two hours tonight painstakingly updating the script that powers most of my websites, only to upload it and have it bork all of them. legacy code why you gotta do me like this

ALSO, new icon, because i have more than enough lightning icons to change every month without repeating. (...i'll probably forget and repeat. WHATEVER. the point is that i gotta stay on brand.)

on the one hand, this emoji change would make a lot more sense if there was an emoji for a pot of gold.
on the other hand, why would they make an emoji for that.

update 2: i have been looking for alternatives for a solid month now and have tested out a good half dozen note-taking apps.

it stands to reason, then, that the very first one i tried is the one that actually suits my needs best.


between health stuff and Brain Stuff all i’ve really been up for lately is playing lots of super mario odyssey. thankfully there’s a hell of a lot to do in this game and it’s still ridiculously fun after all this time. i’m going through each world and getting all the moons/coins/etc; i think i’m up to ~475 moons or so. still lots to get!

@alis oh my god πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ i knew IoS was getting bad but this is the fucking pinnacle

you know those lists of fancy words for extremely specific feelings?

i need one for when you really want to take a nap, but you can’t because it’s going to fuck up your sleep pattern.
(bonus: the feeling of extreme sleepiness and grumpiness that comes from not having napped.)

this is now the second time i’ve fallen asleep reading this book. the first time i could explain (i was going on three hours of sleep) but i have no such excuse this timeβ€”


@annathecrow i have been getting this SO OFTEN lately, it's driving me up the wall. WHY WOULD I WANT YOUR NEWSLETTER I'VE BEEN ON YOUR WEBSITE FOR 2.5 SECONDS

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