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been posting a roundup/overview of all the games i played this year over on dreamwidth. (one of the things i really missed about longform blogging is getting to make posts like this.)

anyway, in this post: why horizon zero dawn is the Absolute Best and what it was like to play a game that's literally older than me.

today i had one of those strokes of inspiration that was simultaneously "THIS IS BRILLIANT I'M A GENIUS THIS FIXES EVERYTHING" and also "i'm a fucking moron why did it take me so long to realize this."

ah, writing.

if there's one thing i really wish mastodon had, it's an expand all button for threads. the cw feature is fantastic and i love it, but on long threads it gets super annoying to click it every time...

also, despite the fallout series having some of my absolute favorite game osts, it somehow never occurred to me that fallout 76 would mean that there would be a new one. (probably because i'm not playing 76, whoops.) all i know is: YAY LOTS OF NEW MUSIC

discovered that a new orchestral album for nier & nier automata came out a few months ago (how did i not know about this sooner???) and now i know what i'm listening to for the rest of the year

not new to mastodon, but haven't had anything to post for a long time. happy to find a fandom instance!

i'm larissa and i spend way too much writing. the rest of the time is spent playing video games and procrastinating on writing. mostly into final fantasy, but can also be found yelling about fallout, critical role, mass effect, pokรฉmon, and extremely obscure video game soundtracks no one's ever heard of. if you want vg music recs, hit me up. is a community-supported instance designed for fans, fandom, and fandom content creators.