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i have 50 more pages of this book to read and the library is open for 4 more hours but i think i might just have to admit that i need another day to get through it.............

i swear to god i’m enjoying this book but you can’t put 2000 years of world history in 350 pages and then have the remaining 150 be about world war i to the present day... this book was exhausting enough already, the last thing it needed was to slow down

the clearance section at staples is a magical and wonderful place. i do not journey there often, for it is hard to resist the siren call of Extremely Cheap Office Supplies.

today’s haul:
- large pack of sharpie highlighters
- pouch to put said highlighters in
- small moleskine notebook for $5, which for moleskine is highway robbery
- and finally the actual thing i went to staples for: post-it note tabs to mark pages.

also i passed on a pack of 50Β’ notebooks even though they were VERY cute

went to the movies with family tonight and saw into the spiderverse for the third time. i think i need to admit to myself that yes, this has jumped into my top favorite movies list and isn't leaving, because even after 3 viewings i still loved every minute.

every time i load up super mario odyssey with the pro controller, it helpfully tells me that i should play with the joy-cons instead. nintendo i appreciate your commitment to motion controls but you’re just not going to make fetch happen

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i can't believe i'm actually excited about revising this fic. for the past three years i have felt nothing but terror and dread but i actually want to work on it. is it opposite day??


my brain, upon changing my display name emojis to suit the month: you know this is great now and all but what are you gonna do when those months without easy holidays roll around
me: shhhhh that's for future larissa to worry about

@lightning update: i haven’t finished setting up my evernote replacement and forgot i had to install the fucking desktop app. today i went to open it on my ipad, and.......
β€œYou have been logged out! πŸ™‚β€
fuck you too, evernote.

Interesting read... Part 1 of a multipart series...

I Tried to Block Amazon From My Life. It Was Impossible.

Not even a custom-built VPN could stop Jeff Bezos's behemoth from slipping through the digital cracks.

also the fact that i need a solid ~10-15gb of space because i have a bunch of art and screencap galleries. that's an issue too.

man my host really spoiled me. for ten years i've been paying peanuts for a fuckton of space and a metric fuckton of bandwidth. it's just that now they want me to pay almost 3x more and lol bye

dove back into trying to figure out a new web host this evening, as i was hit with the rather uncomfortable reminder that my hosting expires in three days and i haven't done anything about that

spoiler: i still haven't picked one. THIS PROCESS STILL SUCKS. you would think "basic shared hosting" would be easy to get, but apparently not. (okay the fact that i have 10 years of bad code to support until i can fix it is kind of an issue, but.)

need to go to the library today so return some stuff (is today the due date? MAYBE πŸ˜“) and i think i'm gonna use it as an excuse to go write πŸ’ͺ i've had a terrible time focusing lately so hopefully that'll help.

😩 i've been having nothing but problems with my external hard drive for the past week and it's driving me batty. at this point i think i need to reformat it and start over, but that's a pain unto itself... blah.

i left my xbox on after watching a movie (bridge of spies, an excellent tom hanks film on a cold war prisoner exchange) and saw an ad for something called β€œonce upon a deadpool” ??? what is this.

so i clicked on it and lemme tell you, that was a fucking weird trailer even by deadpool standards. i am not entirely sure i want to watch a pg-13 version of deadpool 2 in the style of the princess bride but uh. it’s nice to know it exists?????

#castlevania spoiler talk (both seasons) Show more

#castlevania spoiler talk (both seasons) Show more

spent all afternoon binging netflix’s ; no spoilers but wow am i in need of alucard/sypha/trevor fic like yesterday

my mom came over to play video games today and out of everything, the thing that's got her hooked is all clear mode in tetris effect. considering how much she already plays tetris i am both unsurprised and thoroughly entertained.

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