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update 2: i have been looking for alternatives for a solid month now and have tested out a good half dozen note-taking apps.

it stands to reason, then, that the very first one i tried is the one that actually suits my needs best.


between health stuff and Brain Stuff all iโ€™ve really been up for lately is playing lots of super mario odyssey. thankfully thereโ€™s a hell of a lot to do in this game and itโ€™s still ridiculously fun after all this time. iโ€™m going through each world and getting all the moons/coins/etc; i think iโ€™m up to ~475 moons or so. still lots to get!

you know those lists of fancy words for extremely specific feelings?

i need one for when you really want to take a nap, but you canโ€™t because itโ€™s going to fuck up your sleep pattern.
(bonus: the feeling of extreme sleepiness and grumpiness that comes from not having napped.)

this is now the second time iโ€™ve fallen asleep reading this book. the first time i could explain (i was going on three hours of sleep) but i have no such excuse this timeโ€”


okay i made no less than ten Important Phone Calls in a row so that's me done for the day

(and this is after a Very Important Appointment *and* lunch with my mother, so i clearly deserve a medal)


(these are my all-time two favorite tropes and it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick between them, SORTER WHY)

dnd today! this should be fun!

five minutes into session:
dm: so you get hit by two surprise attacks
dm: the first one is 34 points
dm: the second one is 47 points

some dreamwidth posts i've written recently!

๐ŸŽฎ i played super mario odyssey and it was an EXPERIENCE. - first half of the game, no real spoilers - second half through end of game

๐Ÿ“ writing! i already do daily posts for it but since those are often stream-of-consciousness i'm gonna try doing a weekly/biweekly post for my progress.

do you ever think about how "welp" is just the modern English version of "alas"

update: went to the nearest optometrist to get it fixed when i realized that was A Thing I Could Do. still not something i planned on doing with my day, but now i have nice clean fixed glasses, so not all bad in the end!

broke my glasses by putting on my shirt. not an auspicious start to the day, folks.

on a related note does anyone know where to get one of those plastic things that sit on your nose

i have 50 more pages of this book to read and the library is open for 4 more hours but i think i might just have to admit that i need another day to get through it.............

i swear to god iโ€™m enjoying this book but you canโ€™t put 2000 years of world history in 350 pages and then have the remaining 150 be about world war i to the present day... this book was exhausting enough already, the last thing it needed was to slow down

the clearance section at staples is a magical and wonderful place. i do not journey there often, for it is hard to resist the siren call of Extremely Cheap Office Supplies.

todayโ€™s haul:
- large pack of sharpie highlighters
- pouch to put said highlighters in
- small moleskine notebook for $5, which for moleskine is highway robbery
- and finally the actual thing i went to staples for: post-it note tabs to mark pages.

also i passed on a pack of 50ยข notebooks even though they were VERY cute

went to the movies with family tonight and saw into the spiderverse for the third time. i think i need to admit to myself that yes, this has jumped into my top favorite movies list and isn't leaving, because even after 3 viewings i still loved every minute.

every time i load up super mario odyssey with the pro controller, it helpfully tells me that i should play with the joy-cons instead. nintendo i appreciate your commitment to motion controls but youโ€™re just not going to make fetch happen

............. i am a dumbass 

i can't believe i'm actually excited about revising this fic. for the past three years i have felt nothing but terror and dread but i actually want to work on it. is it opposite day??


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