Heads up, Instacart workers planning a walkout starting Monday. They want the company to provide some basic protection like hand sanitizer/disinfectant wipes, hazard pay and an increase in the preset tip amount, and meaningful sick leave protections.


Whew, they said it's no problem sending the card since the post office and UPS are operating as normal. Problem downgraded from potentially worrying to just annoying.

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Annnndddd now my credit card information has been stolen, AGAIN. And apparently a lot of their call centers are closed because of the pandemic (understandable) but I've been on hold for half an hour just trying to make sure my card gets canceled. This is my only card, if they're not able to send me a new one bc of the ongoing mess, I don't know what I'm going to do about getting food and services. 😟

Tfw you ask a supervisor to pass a question up the chain of command because the answer has serious political implications that can get you fired if it goes wrong, and she responds within seconds of reading your email with "well we haven't had directions on this so I'd just say no." YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT, DUMBFUCK.



Gd my back hurts today. 😣I think I’m gonna forego my cleaning list today; I’m doing a load of laundry and that’ll have to be enough.

The state courts just announced they will be in the current state of weirdness through May 1 (prior order was April 3) so I’ll have plenty of time to get the list done anyway!

if scientists are so smart, why can't they explain how it's only wednesday

THE TINY ANTS ARE BACK. They appear in my office at random intervals, crawling all over the top of my desk, and have done so since I first moved in. I can never figure out where they come from, traps don't seem to have any effect, and at some point they disappear as mysteriously as they arrived. But in the interim they are all over my fucking desk and if I don't catch them they crawl on me and UGH I HATE THEM. 😣 😫 😠

Every time I have to reshelve the dozens of books I leave in stacks on every surface in the fucking house, I tell myself, "just put the fucking book away when you're done, how hard is it to put one book away, and then you wouldn't have this problem." And yet.

UGH I can't figure out what this stupid thing is. It has a narrow body possibly with two sets of wings- the top set is bright, opaque orange with one black dot or bar on each; I seem to be seeing a second set that are translucent. The body looked bright green in the sun but now it looks darker? It's about .5 cm long.

Let me know if you have a guess, anybody. I've been through multiple guides and can't find anything like it.

Fortunately my work only wants to know if I'm teleworking every day as opposed to a breakdown of exactly what we do and for how long. God, can you even imagine?

9-9:30 breakfast
9:30-9:32 check work email
9:32-10:30 play Darkest Dungeon
10:30-10:50 play Darkest Dungeon while my supervisor repeats everything in the email she just sent
10:50-11:20 mastodon
11:20-11:40 review a pictoral guide of all Maryland insects to identify the weird bug I killed on my windowsill

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Man these weekend days go fast. Eat breakfast, have a nap, spend six or seven hours playing Surviving Mars, and the whole day is gone in a minute.

Also my knee hurts like a bitch today. It's not even my bad knee! Ugh.

LOL, my supervisor is officially Done With This Shit.

Colleague: So if the judge was just releasing people instead of doing the conference call, should I plan to go to court for the hearings on Tuesday?
Supervisor: NO, DO NOT DO THAT. I do not know how much clearer I can be: no one is to go to court!

I'm on a the morning videoconference call with my team and Raz won't stop yelling.

Meanwhile, I stopped in the office to print this memo so I could file it with the clerk, and someone put a copy of a motion under the office door. Dude. You can see the office is shut w no receptionist, you know we are closed, WHY would you possibly think this was the best way to serve us with a copy of your motion?

It had nothing to do w me but it was so absurd I felt compelled to contact the attorney and tell him not to be a gd jackass and just email the prosecutor.

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