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looks like the entire trump family is moving their way down permanently to florida, eyeing up new mansions to buy and shit. there is no better time for florida to sink beneath the waves than right now

❝Since her death in 1979, the woman who discovered what the universe is made of has not so much as received a memorial plaque. Her newspaper obituaries do not mention her greatest discovery. […] Every high school student knows that Isaac Newton discovered gravity, that Charles Darwin discovered evolution, and that Albert Einstein discovered the relativity of time. But when it comes to the composition of our universe, the textbooks simply say that the most abundant atom in the universe is hydrogen. And no one ever wonders how we know.❞ — Jeremy Knowles, discussing the complete lack of recognition Cecilia Payne gets, even today, for her revolutionary discovery. (via alliterate)


• Cecilia Payne won a scholarship to Cambridge.

• Cecilia Payne completed her studies, but Cambridge wouldn’t give her a degree because she was a woman, so she said to heck with that and moved to the United States to work at Harvard.

• Cecilia Payne was the first person ever to earn a Ph.D. in astronomy from Radcliffe College, with what Otto Strauve called “the most brilliant Ph.D. thesis ever written in astronomy.”

• Not only did Cecilia Payne discover what the universe is made of, she also discovered what the sun is made of (Henry Norris Russell, a fellow astronomer, is usually given credit for discovering that the sun’s composition is different from the Earth’s, but he came to his conclusions four years later than Payne — after telling her not to publish).

• Cecilia Payne is the reason we know basically anything about variable stars (stars whose brightness as seen from earth fluctuates). Literally every other study on variable stars is based on her work.

• Cecilia Payne was the first woman to be promoted to full professor from within Harvard and the first woman to head a science department at Harvard. She also inspired entire generations of women to take up science.

• Cecilia Payne is awesome and everyone should know her.

Had a bad brain day yesterday, today is much better. I actually managed to leave the house, partly because my mouse and keyboard were becoming less functional by the literal hour. They put in like ten years of service, they had a good run, but I'm so glad I didn't bother cleaning my keyboard when I was considering it last week. 😂

Finally stopped being an ape tribe long enough to try Planet Zoo and it is like, the Eve Online of management sims. I can't decide if I love it or want to punch myself in the face for buying it.

Crows Are Even Smarter Than We Thought | Daily Planet | Air & Space Magazine

Crows, aliens, and some cool neuroscience.

Chronic illness, CFS/ME 

Looking for another go at getting help for #MECFS. I've been in decline for a year now. I checked the Mayo Clinic--they list one doctor in their Phoenix location who treats it, but it's not a specialty for him. I checked the Cleveland Clinic, but they seem to follow the unscientific UK model of CBT and exercise.

Nancy Klimas still has her specialty clinic in Fort Lauderdale. Doesn't take insurance, plus travel costs (800 miles/1300km), but going to inquire.

The work I'm doing (have to do) today is so boring I want to stab myself in the eyes, and annoying people keep calling me about dumb bullshit. This one colleague won't pick up her phone and is like "can I call you later" (she called me ten minutes ago but I was in court). I'm like or, you could answer the yes or no question I've asked you three fucking times now.

I have to do some actual important stuff later and all my social capital is basically exhausted.

So, the office teen has no idea who rush limbaugh is. Which is the icing on top of this day because no one will ever have to know who he is again

DIY emergency candle/oil lamp 

I know a lot of the US has power outages right now. Here is one way to make an emergency oil lamp; I use a half pint mason jar or jam jar, a 100% cotton T-shirt for a wick, some wire to hold the wick and some cooking oil for fuel. Vikings used canola (rapeseed oil) and Romans olive oil in their lamps. I used some solid copper electical wire striped of insulation. Twist the wire around a chopstick, slip it off, make a wider base. Put the wick in add oil, light.

:boost_ok: indigenous land destruction, current, action links in reply 

"Breaking: Judge Steven Logan has denied an Apache injunction to halt destruction of Oak Flat by mining giant Rio Tinto.

He quoted a case saying, "The exclusive right of the U.S. to extinguish Indian title has never been doubted. And whether it be done by treaty, by sword, ... by purchase, by the exercise of complete dominion adverse to the right of occupancy, or otherwise, its justness is not open to inquiry in the courts."

Oak Flat is set to be transferred to Rio Tinto as private property for mining on March 11th."

GG: action links in reply to this toot

If you're not used to extended freezing temperatures, you might want to consider setting your faucets to a drip to avoid having the pipes freeze. This is probably especially important in places where your exterior walls might not be well insulated...

Just lost groceries off the back of my scooter; first time it's happened, I'm usually more careful! Fortunately I was slowing for a stop sign so I wasn't going fast, I recovered the groceries, nothing struck the car behind me, and the only thing I lost was a can of cherry pop that exploded. 😁

I kind of want to write a review somewhere. Five cans have superficial denting but are otherwise fine. That's quality construction.

FYI I haven't been on Masto much bc there's another Steam sale and this led to me not only buying shit on my wishlist that my upgraded ram lets me handle, but discovering completely new games to obsess over.

Chinese Parents is like the experiment where the button directly activates your pleasure center and I am the rat crossing the electric floor to press it over and over.

Also obsessed w Ancestors, which is bananas.

Fuck Mondays, man. I am too tired for braining today.

Like the night I tried to sleep on the floor in December, I think this is just another depressing reminder that I can no longer expect the same things of my body that I could when I was 25. Which intellectually I know, but sometimes it just slaps you in the face, ugh.

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Picked up my new glasses, bought fresh bagels, and spent the afternoon and evening with my bff helping her sort books. (Until she got laid off last year she was working at a distributor where she got a metric fuckton of free samples of different books.) She was sorting into keep, keep for specific friends, and go away piles, and I was helping rebox the go away books and move them all to the front door. I only did like 20 minutes of labor if you add it up but I feel like hell! 😅

Hawaii, Fuck White Supremacy, Capitalism 

Neofeud is a game about my experiences growing up in Hawaii's ghetto, being a social worker & STEM teacher for poor, homeless, refugees, mostly non-white kids in slums of Hawaii the tour buses avoid, while living out of a van. 100% of sales go to putting a roof over my kids' head.

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"The problem with unfinished rowhome basements is that they all look like crime scenes...the kind of crime scenes where police are digging up femurs from 3 different child corpses."

"It looks like the kind of place you'd dismember corpses in and then make a sandwich."

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Ways I described the basement, to paint you a word picture:

"It looks like the kind of place that you go to renovate it after your creepy uncle finally dies and you find a child's femur buried down there and have to call the police. Then the police are excavating it for weeks, they keep finding fingers and limbs from different bodies, and then they find a steamer trunk full of skulls with cartoon pictures cut out of magazines pasted to the inside of the lid."

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My favorite nightmare I didn't view not only had a number of weird decorating choices (a random sink, walls painting clashing colors in the same room, floorboards painted teal), it had the most deeply alarming basement I've ever seen. I call it the murder basement, because it looked like a number of murders had been committed there.

Sadly I didn't think to save the photos before someone reno'd it and made the scary photos vanish.

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