I have spent 13 years building a reputation as an honest and forthright attorney, and when someone accuses me of dishonesty I GO OFF. Fuck that guy. I told the judge he hadn't been in court or responded to our attempts to get him there, and his client hadn't spoken to him, but I told that judge EVERYTHING before she granted the postponement. I'm so mad.

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WOW. I wasn't going to say shit about his apparent incompetence but he came onto the second line where we formalize the postponement that was granted, and started telling the judge how he had this e-mail from me last night telling him I couldn't find my witness. The implication being, that the judge granted the postponement without knowing this information. How fucking DARE you. You only know that info because I told you! Why would I not tell the judge?

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Love when a defense attorney just...doesn't show up to court. Even though I sent him an e-mail yesterday telling him what I intended to do in court the next day. Then he doesn't pick up his phone and when he finally responds to my "where the fuck are you emails" he's like "received." Get your fucking life together, man.

I wonder what the street ethos is as far as handgun caliber. Is there a preference for larger calibers or a bias against smaller? If so, does it just apply to selection or does it also apply to how people view other gun-carriers? What's the basis of any such ethos- masculinity, lethality, intimidation, none of the above?

Seeing as it's #InternationalPronounsDay, I'd like to remind you that singular they/them are genderless pronouns by definition. These do not refer exclusively to any nonbinary gender identities, and do not belong to nonbinary people.

They/them can be used for anyone and everyone.

If you don't know what someone's preferred pronouns are, using they/them is always a gramatically correct choice, because these words refer simply to "this one person"

TFW you're the first person on the conference call and you have to resist a strong temptation to start singing to yourself.

Alternatively she could be expressing her opinion about David Guetta.

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Raz is full of beans this week, she has been skreeing nonstop yesterday and today. Budgies make a variety of sounds that can signal moods and desires. The best translation I've come up with for this particular noise is, "I am a bird and I can make a noise."


WOW. I am watching Totally Under Control, new covid docu on Hulu. I thought I knew how awful the US covid response was, that's the only news I've followed this year, but literally everything I knew about it has 1-3 extra horrible things attached to it. I knew this docu would make me upset but I feel actually nauseous.

(Full disclosure: my little brother worked on the docu.)

uspol voting meta 

"Don't vote because it legitimizes the settler-colonial state" is up there with ethical consumption and "and yet you participate in society" in terms of bad argumentation.

Sometimes the wages of nap are working late on Friday. Totally worth it.

a huge collection of cool life hacks for autistic adults 

An autistic fashion & wearables pinboard, for autistic adults & youth. Lots of wearable fidget tools, clothes for whether you're sensory seeking or sensory avoidant, and wearable alternative communication for if you're nonverbal.

Another pinboard of autistic life hacks, gadgets, & sensory-friendly home design. Lighting that doesn't buzz & flicker, sensory retreat tents, social skills tips (there's a card game where you all play as autistic dragons and it teaches social skills??), sound proofing for if you're sensitive to that, & variations on wall calendars for hacking executive dysfunction.


Prop 25 is a big fuckin' scam.

It proposes a replacement for the bail bond system. This, in and of itself, is a good thing. The bail industry is a wretched garbage fire that hurts the poor, this is not in dispute.

The proposition as writ on the ballot largely fails to articulate what it would be replaced by: Algorithm based profiling.


The linked article gives a lowdown on what it looks like.


Had a case this morning where the defendant threw a tantrum about being told to call his probation agent twice a month instead of once a month and told his agent "this is racial discrimination!"

I predicted it without looking and when I checked...yup, he's white.

Me talking to the guy that asks me the exact same questions every month like I haven't send him umpteen exquisitely detailed emails and talked to him on the phone multiple times: youtu.be/o6JIfAMtt6U?t=68

I mean I feel like I've conveyed that to the court before using tone, but I can't actually say it.

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