I thought I’d go out and read a bit in the sun; it’s in the mid 80s, which is not that hot, and humidity is low. But I was only able to take the sun for 10 minutes. I swear I could feel my individual skin cells dying. Plan B I guess! (Plan B is waiting til the sun is behind the houses around 6 or 7 pm.)

what is a cat but a tiny lesbian goblin with fur and a fondness for murder

nonbinary identities in French? please boost 

How do you and your Francophone loved ones manage grammatical gender in French? I have a nonbinary friend who's a native English speaker and is learning French. They're trying to figure it out for themself. They're aware of «iel», and I'm planning to tell them about e.g. «amusant·e·s».

Please boost.

I'm much more interested in direct experiences from nonbinary Francophones and their loved ones than theory. Thank you <3

Aww, that's too bad. Are you able/want to have other pets? Or are you strictly cats 4 life?

Why are cats so liquid? Mine wants to sit on my arms but I'm working, so he keeps sitting casually next to the keyboard and then oozing over onto it.

I was just reading the label of something and it said "Certified organic by organic certifiers" and just what an incredible sentence that is.

And now, if you're looking for #Pride heart designs to wear, you can check out my shop! society6.com/katwylder

I've got my Drippy Heart design in several flag colors, on t-shirts, v-necks, tanks, hoodies, and even face masks! Plus, you can get the designs on stickers!


Had private counsel (who told me he's been working 10 hour days for weeks) very sincerely and politely thank me for helping him with something.

What I said: My pleasure!

What I wanted to say: Yeah it was a huge act of sacrifice for me to take time out from playing Torchlight 2 for ten minutes to do my job.

when the quarantine is over i am gonna go to the art museum, put on a fake laminate badge, and hand people printed score cards like "would you like to fill this out during your visit so we can better decide which art to throw out?"

I just watched Inception for the first time finally. Did anyone else get to the end and go, “Oh, FUCK you”?

I think I might just be losing patience for ambiguity in my middle age.

TFW you send someone an e-mail explaining how to address a problem and why you recommend those steps, and they keep calling you, not to report back on what's up, but to get reassurance like they're in the middle of a Little League game and need you to reassure them before they can get back on the field. I'm not your mama, god damn it.

Huh. There's a fairly well-known (in the fandom) Sherlock Holmes story, The Problem at Thor Bridge, where the client/suspect is named Grace Dunbar. Just realized that in writing this story, the character who lures her victim to a bridge to kidnap him, I named Grace. I wonder if that's a coincidence, or if I subconsciously associate people named Grace with bridges?

Gay marriage has now been around longer than the Confederacy.

Build statues for that you cowards.

(h/t twitter.com/CCXIII/status/1276)

on today's edition of "google searches that will be evidence at my eventual trial for thoughtcrime" 

-do they always do toxicology in autopsies
-poisons don't show up in autopsy
-most commonly prescribed uk
-ramipril overdose
-holiday cottages near london -remote
-does bleach damage dna

Playing Name That Insect again. Why does my back bedroom insist on resembling an zoo's insect house? I don't like this game. (You'd think from how many hours I've spent doing this that I might have a second career in entomology, but I'm pretty sure that would end abruptly with me flipping a table of specimens like FUCK INSECTS.)

I just found a piece of software called "VR Furry Dance" and that's just...hmm. It makes me want to sit quietly in my head and meditate on it, like a zen koan.

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