happy feral hogs tweet anniversary, here's to 30-50 more.

It's just kind of a startling insight into how easy it is for even nominally ethical people in government bureaucracy to dive headfirst into fascism when any pressure is put on. Maybe if the court system, and particularly prosecutors, was subject to more regular scrutiny we'd not only get a better system, but one that understood and accepted the role of transparency.

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And why would we need or want to stop public discussion/commentary on public hearings? Even if it was legal or constitutional to do so (it's not, which is why she said there's nothing we can do) why would you want to?

My supervisor is generally a decent person, she's not a Trumpist and she does her job ethically. But in the face of the slightest amount of public scrutiny she immediately segued into wishing there was a way to stop it and complaining about the morals of the scrutinizers.

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How much of a child do you have to be to not be able to handle public criticisms of your public actions? If they were doxxing people that would be one thing, but all they're doing is reporting on a public proceeding and offering commentary and critique on the actions of our office, which is headed by an *elected* official. Yes, whoever is running the account has a very clear anti-prosecutor slant, and their commentary tends to annoy me. So I stopped reading it. You know, like a grown-ass adult?

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This am my unit briefly discussed a local twitter account that has been livetweeting bail review hearings on a daily basis; normally this is impossible because phones are banned in courtrooms, but since bail reviews are being done on the phone the public can simply call in and listen from home.

My supervisor was saying "it's unfortunate that they are criticizing prosecutors for doing their jobs" and "I don't think there's anything we can do" about the livetweeting. Are you kidding me?

Request for info from trans people in the US South 

So, I'm not exactly visibly trans and am not able to be fully out at the moment, but I hope to soon

But I'm not really sure what that will be like here?

And I'm wondering if other trans folks who have experience being visibly and/or vocally trans in the US South would be willing to share their experiences with me?

I'm just not sure what to expect as far as everyday life as an out trans person here

Me: Maybe I'll put up the shed tomorrow, it's not supposed to rain til late.
Friend: Maybe you should wait til after the hurricane? They're saying we could get bad winds.
Me: ...wut?
Me: ....
Me: Perhaps...perhaps I will do that.

I've been waiting for three weeks for my new shed to arrive so I could put it together and get my scooter out of the living room. Now it's here and the humidity is 76% and I'm dripping sweat after just taking the pieces out of the box and I'm like, "Maybe I'll drive to the hardware store and leave the shed assembly til tomorrow. I need a mallet, right?"

One of the foremost tenets I was taught was "thou shalt not throw thy colleagues under the bus" but I am at a point in my career where I'm fucking sick to death of getting stuck holding the bag by people who are too lazy or incompetent to get their shit together. If I talk to you a week in advance about this hearing and you don't prepare, ask me to stand in or show up for the hearing, I am 100% telling the judge that I told you about the hearing and don't know why you're not there.🖕

Week 18 of conducting court by phone: why are people still unclear on how the mute button works?

"frankenstein is the name of the doctor, you're actually thinking of frankenste--" HE LITERALLY



Agonized for like an hour over calling the candy shop to see when they will have a particular item back in stock on their website, and finally pulled the trigger. Turns out she just got the stuff in, she had to call her website manager about getting the site updated. \o/ take that, phone anxiety.

Today's mood: my budgie determinedly kicking all her pellets out of the food dish because she's eaten all the seeds out, doesn't want the pellets, and knows I'll put new food in if the dish is empty.

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