@jackdaw_ruiz @Dayglochainsaw @Counsel law is hilarious pantomime and serious life destroying consequences mixed together.

God everyone in the UK mad because the dutch took a truck drivers ham sandwich is the fucking funniest shit. Apparently the border cop said "Welcome To Brexit" whcih is so fucking funny

This is illegal because it directly contradicts state law. A journalist who tried to get a recording and was denied under the new policy sued, and the court agreed with her that the policy was void.

If you're interested in any more background check out theintercept.com/2019/05/03/ba

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The HBO doc "The Case Against Adnan Syed" went further by using video of the original trial. But when the court threatened HBO, their stable of lawyers was like "come at me bro." Unsurprisingly, the court elected not to have that fight.

In 2019, the podcast Undisclosed advised the court that they planned to air lawfully-obtained audio of the Keith Davis trial (a very big deal locally); the city court then changed local policy to stop anyone but a party to a case from getting audio of hearings.

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The fight over this rule was touched off in 2014 when Serial included recordings from the 20-year-old Adnan Syed trial; the age of the case pointed up how ridiculous it was that the rule is read to forbid broadcast in perpetuity. The city court considered contempt proceedings against Koenig, the program's producer, but backed off when she promised not to broadcast any more recordings in future.

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The obsession seems to be based on the likely-unconstitutional statewide court rule that forbids anyone to "record or broadcast" a court proceeding.

IMO the obvious intention of the rule was to prevent people from live-recording and broadcasting court proceedings; there are good reasons for this such as not tainting the jury pool or facilitating witness intimidation. Interpreting the rule to forbid broadcast of a recording that was lawfully made by the *court* doesn't make any sense.

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Judge just interrupted an actual hearing on the record to read her canned statement about how no one is allowed to record the Zoom call. 😂

Criminal court proceedings are public except in a few very specific circumstances and they are all recorded, but for some reason our city courts are utterly obsessed with the idea that the public might get access to audiovisual records of their proceedings. It never ceases to baffle and amaze me how important this is to them.

I bought a new bed Sat. but it can't be delivered till next Sunday (the 17th). I thought I was totally fine with that but I underestimated how much I am over this airbed. Fuck airbeds, I want MATTRESS.

It has been brought to my attention by @ToonLink that what I saw were *not* ravens; they were most likely boat-tailed grackles. I fail at bird id.

I think what happened is I was googling images to check what kind of bird I was seeing and I saw some images that were mistakenly identified as juvenile ravens that matched the brown birds perfectly; after about 45 minutes on All About Birds it looks like those are females.

I always forget grackles are a thing!

Now time for my favorite gameshow, Is This Bass Noise Inconsiderate Neighbors Or My Own Brain Fucking With Me?

Change of plans, I'm going to try full-spectrum light and see if that helps. Supposedly it's good for hormone issues.

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She hadn't laid an egg in years and now two in less than a month? Wtf. I've been extra careful about giving her enough nighttime since the egg in mid-Dec. too! She's also still trying to get me to mate w her on a regular basis. I think I'm gonna see my vet. I took out a couple potential problem toys but I don't know what's going on.

Idk what that noise means but I assume it's Raven for "more fries, bitch."

I kept forgetting to share these photos from my road trip back north. I shared some fries with these friends; I know ravens communicate a lot to each other but I didn't know it was damn near instantaneous. I had a lil flash mob going, although you can't tell from the photos (I took a video but it's too big to share really).

Now that I'm used to elective monarchy I actually prefer it to primogeniture; all the firstborn sons of my characters end up being worthless pricks for some reason.

“I can't be a pessimist because I'm alive. To be a pessimist means that you have agreed that human life is an academic matter. So, I am forced to be an optimist. I am forced to believe that we can survive, whatever we must survive.”
- James Baldwin

youtube.com/watch?v=8CFrCk6_0r #JanelleMonae


I 100% expect Joe Biden to refuse to go after the Trump crime family at all once he takes office- he might even say so in his inaugural speech. If Obama refused to go after the Bush crime syndicate then Joe won't go after Trump.

But these rioters don't have the entire Republican party in their pocket, there's no reason not to go after them.

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It's adorable that the MAGAts are posting their sedition selfies on twitter like the assistant US attorneys that'll be working for Biden in a few weeks aren't already mentally drafting indictments.

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Not really surprising it took so long for the NG to decide to mobilize. I bet Trump is as happy as a pig in shit. Instigating pointless self-aggrandizing spectacles is his raison d'etre.

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Gov Hogan of Maryland also announced he is mobilizing guardsmen to DC.

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