Looking for technical help online sounds like this:

“Folks, my shower drain is clogged up, how do I unclog it?”

“Why don’t you move to a house with a bathtub?”
“Try not to clog it up in the first place, duh”
“Why would you even need to take your showers at home?”
“Just take out the things that are clogging the drain, how difficult is that”
“If you can’t maintain a shower stall in good conditions, why do you even clean yourself?”

@miramarco Do you actually need help unclogging a drain or was that just a random example? (I recommend zip-its if the former, especially if you suspect the problem involves hair. Those things are great.)

@lindentreeisle Thank you, but it was an example to show that when it comes to replying to people looking for help on computer-related stuff on the Internet, many people adopt an obnoxious, patronizing, and unhelpful attitude. I translated those replies to a home maintenance context to show how absurd they can sound.


@miramarco Haha, fair enough.

Yeah, I can sympathize. I have spent a lot of time over the years troubleshooting my own computer issues and the depths of people's unhelpfulness is just...astounding. It's like, wow, so you only hang out on this computer forum so you have an excuse to be a self-righteous twat, huh? Cool, cool.

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