I think there is a curse within leftist spaces where white people can't possibly see themselves as perpetuating racism, and so when they get called on something, especially when its by a person of color, the reaction is immediately aggressive defensiveness in place of what should be self-reflection.

"You're calling ME racist? I donate to so many charities! I've gone to rallies! I've been calling out people who use the N word for years! Theres not a racist bone in my body!"

"I'm a leftist, of course i'm not racist!"

This is whiteness and supremacy kicking back. This is you perpetuating it without realizing it. Because instead of taking the time to step back outside of your self, sitting down, shutting up, and listening to POC when they point out how you are perpetuating harm, you are actively trying to be the "winner" and prove how "good" and "moral" you are.

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White supremacy isn't delegated to right wing ideologies. It's not something that the left is free from and above. It is ever present because we currently exist within a world that is dominated and shaped by white settler colonialism. It shapes our culture and individual worldview so absolutely that just because you read black revolutionaries and go to marches every once in a while, or share stories of police violence, that does not mean you have killed the racist in your head.

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