imagine being one of the first indigenous people to learn english and realizing they just don't even have words for like half the shit you'd want to talk about, and 90% of their words have to do with shit they seem to have made up in the last couple centuries.

how... boring.

@cute @efi @Bashabez I was today years old when I learned that horses were not in fact introduced to the Americas by the Spanish, as I was always taught in school, and this lie is in fact a 500+ year old piece of Spanish colonial propaganda

@lj_writes life is easier if you assume every white person is gaston until they bleed to prove otherwise tbh


I think that might have been the thought-straw that broke me through to starting to decolonize my thinking:

the west is /not/ rational, like, any given western person is not inclined to apply any classified form of reason to how they do... anything.

Once you see how often "I'm reasonable!" is used as the basis of a claim, not "the claim is reasonable!" it... all falls apart.

Tangent but this reliance on "brute rationality" is why i don't trust westerners in my day-to-day, either

imagine being so confident that your culture is so clever that it's okay if you only ever look at the things it presents to you and rewards you for looking at and interacting with, and never questioning where all that way of doing things came from.

Why be creative when you can: 

Why be creative when you can: 

Why be creative when you can: 

Rethinking creativity 

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Creativity: misunderstood and overrated 

Creativity and capitalism 

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the social model of disability & adhd 

adhd positivity meta (critical) 

Like I don't want to pick on the HR Campaign alone, they are just one manifestation of the problem but holy cow do they manifest it. I wish they'd leave "queer" out of it though, that word has a history of being used in direct opposition to this type of capitalist-friendly, assimilationist activism.

Capitalism is FOMOOP 

The ethos of profit at all costs is not only unsustainable, it is unsurvivable because survival itself is a cost that corporations and markets are happy to pay in order to maximize profit. Ending capitalism as it currently exists has become a matter of survival. We decolonize or we die.

This is how the declining and, to a large extent, already lost diversity of food crops globally is both a metaphor for capitalism and the point in itself. On the one hand, it is a window into how profit-driven practices destroy variety and enforce a stifling uniformity that concentrates power and resources to a few. On the other hand our food sources are increasingly vulnerable to disease and environmental change. You might not miss Cavendish bananas, but you will miss corn, potatoes, and wheat.

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