This day's been a shitpile. I'm saying fuck it to everything and reading fanfiction.

Also I confess to being intrigued on learning that Karabiner Elements uses , the same language that is used to customize 馃憖

I'm contemplating replicating all my hotkeys to so I can start updating again. I have... about 52 hotkeys set up, between shortcuts to open apps and implementing editing and navigation shortcuts from the home row. They are indispensable to the point that I rolled back from a Mojave upgrade when I realized it broke Karabiner. Elements evidently works on Mojave and has much better support.

After spending like half an hour on what is nothing but just a few lines of text but became a nightmare job due to the need to fiddle with poorly- made finicky tables: I hate word processors. So much.

the Arabic word for God, Allah, is a cognate of Elohim. both descend from the proto-Semitic 'il, extended with an h. Allah is likely a contraction of al-'ilah, "the God," which would be exactly equivalent to the Aramaic word for the monotheistic god: 'alaha or 'elaha (depending on dialect), where -a is the definite article.

speaking of Aramaic, this would be the language Jesus would have spoken. he literally would have called God Alaha. remember that to tell fundamentalist Christians.

the Hebrew word for God is Elohim. it has a plural suffix, but takes singular verbs and adjectives and pronouns etc.

it's considered a type of majestic plural similar to the royal we, which itself is used often by God in the Qur'an. another example of something similar is the use of plural you for formal you in many languages.

then again, in the neighboring Canaanite religions from which Judaism likely evolved, the Elohim were the sons of the god El (whose name also means "god"). but still...



starting a new lesbian gang with the tagline "IF YOU DON'T CHERISH YOUR WIFE WE WILL"

One of the movies is on the television and Leia fainting dead away at the revelation that Darth Vader is her father is way more believable than her reaction in the movies tbh.

Fuck it, I'm buying the trackball. Purchases from this point will be charged in May anyway and I've been working too hard this month to suffer through bad input devices.

I'll say one good thing for the keyboard mouse replacement--if you need to keep doing just one single-click mouse action such as changing the font color, the keyboard mouse button ('5' on the number pad) becomes effectively a keyboard shortcut for that action as long as you can keep the pointer in one place, and the pointer won't accidentally move away from that point. Oh and also a wired keyboard is unlikely to be borne away by a toddler, unlike say Bluetooth touchpads :(

That flower in hair
Withering in the cold wind...
Time flows within.

Her song with guitar
Makes verse ajar.
In the chilled wind.
Alone in wind calling
From a cliff falling.

A life into abyss,
Into a world beyond time. #hybrid #poetry

Hello! I opened a topic about moderation tools for #Plume on Loomio.

If you have some experience in moderating online communities (or even if you don't) your help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

(boosts appreciated)

my sister once said self care is not arguing with people who are committed to misunderstanding you... and ya know what? yeah 馃槑

Along with a new trackball I'm getting a hankering to install a keyboard tray under my computer to replace a bed tray I've rigged up. My desk is 5mm too thin for the nails that come with the product I like, though, so I'll have to call the seller during the week to see if I can get shorter nails or try some other workaround. I can't wait until next month when I'll actually have the funds for these purchases.

At my parents鈥 house while they watch their Turkish historical melodrama thing and:

1. these Ye Olde Turks sure knew a thing or two about glamping, and

2. this show needs to have a Hat Off with KINGDOM to determine once and for all which show has the most lit hats.

Mai (ATLA) haters are still jerks Show more

Me: I see people using these cute nicknames for their kids online and would like to have one myself, but I can't think of one and how would I know what feels right anyway, like would I just come up with a nickname out of nowhere and go-
My brain: Tater Tot
Me: Perfect.

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