Hey y'all. If you're in or near San Jose, CA (1st and Taylor) -- Keep an eye out.
Good friend of mine from High School has gone missing.

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We live in a sick fucking world man and I have no idea how we haven’t burned shit yet.

The poorest workers are bearing the brunt, national disaster management officials said, warning that the record temperatures were impacting more states than in previous years.

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Let me be clear.

Saying devs shouldn’t make any ethical decisions concerning software is a cowardly decision, which enables hate, abuse and harassment to continue.

You’re not a centrist or being logical.

You’re giving space for hate to flourish.

No, there is no 'slippery slope' when it comes to people who believe genocide and mass murder are an acceptable social solution.

There is no ethical or moral grounds for refusing to deal authentically with a population that has shown its sole purpose is to cause harm to people they don't lie.

You're not some lexicon of civility. You're just a coward.

And you'll be treated as such.

I ran a level 4 diagnostic and you are definitely a cutie

It shouldn't be hard to say you'll take a stand against people that only want to cause pain and suffering.

If it is, you're with them. That's all there is to it.

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If you are a trans or non-binary person, your participation in this anonymous survey is appreciated! (and boost also appreciated!)

Name change for trans or non-binary people

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