a cis comedian actually told a funny trans joke? i am stunned

if the itchio bundle for BLM was too overwhelming for you, consider donating the $5 directly instead

Polish politicians have declared LGBT+ people "enemies of the state." Pride marches are being attacked. Show your solidarity and sign now. #JestemLGBT a.allout.org/s/P9ByW/

Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex, 2014

An Indigenous perspective & provocation intended to intervene in some of the current tensions around solidarity/support work as the current trajectories are counter-liberating.


Copied from a friend:

There were three people suing in today's decision about LGBT employment rights. Only one is still alive to see the decision.

Donald Zarda was fired from his skydiving instructor job because he was gay. He was fired in *2010*. It took 10 years to get to this decision. He died in 2014.

Aimee Stephens was fired as a funeral director when she came out as trans. She was fired in *2013*. It took 7 years to get to this decison. She died this year, in large part because she lost her medical coverage when she was fired and thus was not able to afford proper medical care for her medical condition.

Gerald Bostock, the sole surviving plaintiff, was fired in *2013* from his county job in Georgia for "conduct unbecoming of a county employee." His conduct? Playing softball in a gay softball league.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Yo anyone got neat music by BIPOC folks to recommend with the next Bandcamp 100% revenue day coming up soon?

Is it okay how attractive I am? No, it's not okay. But is it okay how beautiful and shapely I am? Also not all right.

@popstar Like, his comedy is good, it's fine, whatever, sometimes it's shitty, sometimes it's not. But like, what is this liberal obsession with him? "Jon Stewart DESTROYED Bush." no he didn't. Bush waged a war completely unimpeded by Jon Stewart, or any comedian. In fact, we could argue the comedians endeared him to the country.

"It's never been safe to replace DW's Markdown implementation, because Markdown is low-key a super diabolical language...."

I love how every single reference to markdown in this conversation has been from someone who is a markdown user and also has an association between markdown and hell

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@lj_writes @FiXato but anyway I think you should go for it for getting a microcomputer of some kind. Whether it’s a raspi or something bigger, it’s super cheap compared to like a new phone these days. And it gives you more flexibility to experiment and upgrade and get a really great setup. If you don’t need macOS for anything in particular, I’d go straight for it. Take advantage of MacBook resale value! And now is the best time to buy ryzen while it’s blowing intel out of the water!

@lj_writes I'm in club "html except for newlines & paragraphs" personally but I can respect 'basic Markdown with html for the complicated stuff'

Loving my Jewish body, its heft, its hair, its weaknesses, its circumcision, is a radical act. To embrace myself and my form, without question or pause, is a vital foundation of my ability to be in the world for others. To be here for their needs, I must love their needs. To love their needs, I must love my own. As it says in Vayikra, love your neighbor as you would yourself.

You know, this is just a thought, but I think instead of searching for a cishet YA author to lionize in place of JKR, people should simply support trans authors.

(Of course, seeing how you're in Korea, getting an #ODroid from #HardKernel might be the cheaper/quicker option: hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-c4/)

It's funny to think about racial/ethnic designations. Take white people, for instance. In East Asia we used to call people from Central and Southwest Asia (Middle East) and beyond by names like: "people from the Western ranges (西域人)," "people with colors in their eyes (色目人)" or "pink people (紅人)." These are all descriptive, serviceable names, but have become eclipsed by Europeans' self-designation as "white."

No plans to buy anything, and yet... the endless possibilities! I can get a 1.5GHz CPU/4G RAM board for *what*? There are kits for cameras, LCDs, environmental monitoring... the sheer glut of hardware is both exhilarating and slightly horrifying.

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Looking through a distributor website in my country and being like a kid in a candy store 🤤

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