I feel like we shouldn't call work "work". The shit that happens at "work" isn't actually anything that we need to be doing.

Work is fixing up my house, getting that garden started so I can have some extra food

Sending email so a few rich assholes can get more money serving other businesses shouldn't be "work"

The murder of Atatiana Jefferson 

if you think the fediverse doesn't have nazis in it, you are mistaken.

you have to remember that many of our servers are gated communities. Just because we try to keep out bad actors doesnt mean they arent there.

Telling someone there's no Nazis on the fediverse is disingenuous at best.

Okay fuck Ellen, w/e, my expectations were pretty low BUT can we fucking talk about them dangling a chandelier over a baby🤨???

09-27-2019 Sketch - He's got a lot of moxie for someone who wears a sock on his head.

Don't call me out like this 

ADHD feels, tears & emotional dysregulation, video 

is finding its feet in Episodes 3-4! I'm more drawn into it, and I'm excited for future developments.

the coolest thing about actually diverse- or better, POC focused and driven media, and/ or queer media is that i lose myself in whats going on because it feels comfortable and familiar.

when media is cishet and white, i always feel vaguely uneasy and Very Aware. i can't actually get absorbed in it.

Earlier I saw a pickup truck with “IT’S IMPEACHMENT TIME” written in electrical tape on the tailgate.

I fuckin love Woke Redneck Rides.

dirt: if you're a girl online, are you a girl in real life?

Goddess: yes my child :blobhalo:

dirt: and if you're an ass hole online, are you an ass hole in real life?

Goddess: yes my child :blobhalo:

dirt: then surely, if you're popular online, you are popular in real life :blobaww:

Goddess: 😬

A Kazakhstani commie running a dark net research paper piracy website has done more for the free flow of information than all of my professors combined.

@tarzanboy i crave it when i'm sick but i can't eat it because of gluten intolerance :blobcry:

its official Indigenous People's Day and I would just like to offer a hearty fuck you to Spain, England, the assorted royal families, the founding fathers of the USA, Amerikkka at large, White People, and Taco Bell 🎉

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