Its interesting how their are so many post apocalyptic games that are basically just murder simulators.

It’s like a lot of devs interpretation of SURVIVAL is based on how many people one can brutally kill.


@Are0h N.K. Jemisin cast shade on the whole post-apocalypse genre when she obliquely critiqued that kind of survival/killing fetishism in Broken Earth. The obviously sensible thing, the heroine reflects at one point, is to band together in stable communities, not to kill each other--something only a fringe of violent and desperate individuals engage in.

@Are0h @lj_writes That banding together behavior is also backed up by actual humans in situations like that (not, like, the actual fall of global civilization, but yeah).

@benhamill @Are0h one of my fave Mad Max headcanons is that most of the indigenous peoples of Australia are living just as they have before while wondering what in the world those white people are up to now 😂

@Are0h Broken Earth--the only series in history to win a Hugo Award for every book in a trilogy--would make a SMASHING television show, games, movies, what have you, but just the TV series for the first book has been in development limbo for years and we know it's because the heroine Essun is a Black woman and the majority of characters are women of color smh

@lj_writes You know how that goes.

But hey let’s get another show about humanizing a violent white guy or speculative fiction about what if the Nazis won. Again.

@Are0h meanwhile a woman's struggle through slavery and abuse in a vivid and original world... nah not interesting enough. Unless they can whitewash the protagonists, in which case it becomes immensely interesting. It's so predictable.

@lj_writes @Are0h And like, decades of her struggle, too. You'd have to care about her into *gasp* middle age.

@Magess @Are0h she doesn't even have the decency to be young-looking and stick-thin! *clutches pearls*

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