Can I interest you fine geeks in the trilogy by ? If you like one or more of these:

- A well-told, fast-paced epic tale in a finished trilogy
- A sympathetic and complex cast of characters
- Most of whom are WOC including a Black leading woman
- An original world that feels like a living, breathing place
- A thoughtful treatment of race, oppression and abuse
- Queer folx galore

Then boy are you in for a treat.

@lj_writes I realize never mentioned I finished it! you should talk to me about it

@lj_writes It was really good! I feel like I was not the audience for the climax of the last book, but that's okay. It was still really well done. I would have liked if Essun could have gotten to grapple with what Schaffa became/ what Nassun's life was like now.


Spoilers for Broken Earth books 

@Rionnal Tbh I thought the third book was the weakest--it was still very good and the series is stellar, but once the half the narrative dipped out of Essun's life and went to the distant past I just didn't... care as much. Also the resolution didn't enthrall me, like part of what I like about the series is that it treads the line between fantasy & sci-fi and the the lost moon being the cause of the seismic instability has like 0 scientific basis.

Spoilers for Broken Earth books 

@lj_writes I agree it was weaker but I *was* interested in the distant past. Well, in *Hoa's* past, anyway. For me it felt kind of...rushed? Which thinking on it isn't because it actually was rushed necessarily, but because it had a higher ratio of plot to feelings and I wanted more feelings.

Spoilers for Broken Earth books 

@Rionnal Yeah, it was very... serviceable, for lack of a better world. Hoa's part of the narrative did its job and he explicitly intended it that way, but as a result his world never felt as alive or deeply felt as Essun's. Which, you know, lot of different reasons validating that so it's not exactly bad, but that was the effect on me.

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