I've checked out a Korean etymological dictionary and I am so happy

One awesome fact is that the Korean word for "strength" likely also doubled for muscle? This checks out because our modern word for muscle is a loan word from China, while our native word for "sinew" is literally "strength-cord." Imagine how weird/great it would be to write about a character's strength bulging in her arms XD

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I wonder if it's a coincidence that "child" and "mouth" have roots that sound the same, "ak." Any parent can attest that chidren are basically eating and crying mouths.

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Also according to Korean etymology the REAL mommy finger is the thumb, with 엄지 (eomji) meaning "mother finger."

Why is it referred to as the mother finger? Something to do with a child sucking their thumb for comfort?

@fewl You know, I never thought about it but that makes perfect sense! It's the same reflex as breastfeeding, after all. You're a genius!

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