Some of my layer lighting for the . The main layer (upper left) has few lights on, while the mouse layer (upper right) has active keys lit in different colors by function (mouse wheel, movement, click etc.) The emoji layer (lower left) has a few active keys color-coded by mood, with more to come as I code more emoji shortcuts. The numpad layer (lower right) is lit mostly in blue for the numbers, with different colors for math operators and punctuation.

The lighting helps because I can tell a different layer is active without looking down when things light up. This is especially useful for the editing layer, my most used layer other than the main typing layer, where I put the most used editing shortcuts (skip by word, delete by word, direction arrows...) on or near the home row. When things are blue I know the numpad is active. I use the colors sometimes as a guide, but expect to rely mostly on touch memory as I grow used to the setup.

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@hit_the_books Thank you, I've daydreamed about it for months and spent days modifying the layout 😭 my layouts including all the colors are here, btw!

@lj_writes ahhh so you’ve come around to keyboard lighting after all

@alpine_thistle Only for PRACTICAL PURPOSES none of your rainbow wave animation shit 😤 (*hits rainbow wave animation key* ooh.... pretty...)

@lj_writes “it makes the brain meats feel good to look at pretty lights” is a practical purpose!!!


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