I'm gonna have to upgrade my machine at some point in the near future.

The MB Air I use is great for design dev work, but as I'm about to start editing video and audio again, I'm gonna need a system that has a bit more starch.

More than likely I'll just buy something second hand like I always do. I just need more in the way of raw power.


@Are0h omg fellow Air user! I've been using it for some audio & video editing myself, but I'm not a heavy user and it's definitely slow for that purpose. Are you looking at upgrading to a MB Pro? In which case 2ndhand is probably wise anyway, what with Apple's "nothing but USB-C ports" shenanigans.

@lj_writes Yeah, most likely.

I don't mind the all usb-c thing as much as I thought I would mainly because of the speed.

And there are a ton of refurbished machines out there that I think will do what I need them to do.

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