Anyone have resources I can read/watch/listen to about portrayals of Black anger (in response to anti-Black violence/an anti-Black world) in media, particularly film and TV?

@ArtistMarciaX @marxxndotphoenix A brief search only reveals discussions of the general "angry Black woman" and it's surprisingly hard to find portrayals of anger as a specific response to racism or angry Black men, for that matter. This history of the Sapphire caricature does touch on the issue. It's telling how Michelle Obama didn't even have to show anger to provoke white outrage--she was branded as angry and threatening for merely hinting the U.S. is not perfect.


@ArtistMarciaX @marxxndotphoenix Also not quite on point because Black people's anger as a response to racism and fictional portrayals of Black people's anger tend to be discussed separately, but this Audre Lorde presentation from 1981 on anger as a response to racism is worth it in itself (and would be an excellent resource for creating and critiquing fictional portrayals).

Thank you for this reminding me about this piece. Super helpful.

If I can't find exactly what I'm looking for elsewhere, I might take a try at writing something myself.


@marxxndotphoenix @ArtistMarciaX From my brief exploration I got the sense that it's an under-discussed confluence of two major subjects, so someone connecting the two would be a welcome contribution IMO. Tangentially related, but studies on the media portrayals of Black men & boys may be a helpful supplement since discussions on the media portrayals of Black anger seem to focus on the figure of the angry Black woman.


Good point! What sparked me down this track was thinking how when Black characters (usually Black men) are responding to anti-Black violence with anger they're portrayed as kinda the ultimate villain (as juxtaposed to, say, a Black character who is advocating for "unity" and "understanding" or something along those lines). I think it would be interesting to explore how this more and also how it is related to yet different from the angry BW trope.

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@marxxndotphoenix For a real-life example there have been quite a few think pieces on the subject of Black anger and forgiveness in the trial for the murder of Botham Jean, too. Here's one pointing out the disparity between the reception of Black people's and white people's anger and arguing that in many cases, anger may be a healthy response.

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Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading this. There's definitely lots of overlap between other people's responses to Black ppl's anger in real life and fictional portrayals. There's so many angles to explore!

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