Me: It's time to upgrade my Mac OS to the latest! 🙂
Me 30 minutes later: *Looking up "how to use on a Macbook"*

Like, I was willing to let it slide that the new features are blatant tie-ins to the Mac ecosystem, and even that these completely underwhelming features were going to take up almost 20GB of my disk. But dealing with Apple ID wank where I waited for a notif on my machine that never came, then being told I should bum off someone's Apple device to download a supprt app, only to enter my computer's lock code that I use every single day only to be told it's wrong? I've had enough.

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@lj_writes Catalina is a QA desaster. Seems to feel like Win 98.

@lj_writes By installing it? Well... I‘m staying at Mojave, working on replacing it by Linux.

@letterus I've opted out of Catalina too (more like Apple forced me to lol), in fact I updated to Mojave a while back only to roll back within a day and I'm still on Yosemite. My main motivation for trying a second stab at upgrading was because I was so tired of nothing being supported anymore, but I installed the software I wanted (Hugo) without problem on Arch Linux running on Virtual Box.

@lj_writes Yeah, I‘m updating since 10.8 for security updates, but besides APFS I was seeing no new new feature I‘d like to use. In fact I replaced Apple apps step by step by 3rd party solutions because they did not work for me anymore. iTunes is the only Apple app left I don‘t have a replacement for.

@letterus no offense but iTunes is pretty terrible 😂 is it because of the iDevices integration?

@lj_writes Yep. Some things cannot be synced via Nextcloud and I‘m not using iCloud.

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