Anyway nerds, remember this that the success of was possible because of the marketing wizardry of , a gay Black man whose role was erased from history.

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If the recent kudos are any indication, it looks like my (or ) one-shot "I Am Here" is currently the most-read of my fics.

Cinnamon Sugar, my fic, is uploaded in its entirety! It's a modern AU retelling of TFA with elements of TLJ, where pretzel stand worker Rey meets and falls in love with star student athlete Finn who has a dark secret.

As always I can count on Jessika to be reliably weird. I sympathize though, not wanting to run into your teacher outside of school is an eternal Asian Mood

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The Dark Crystal: AOR Ep. 4, Gurjin & Poe 

Just when I think Gurjin is much like Poe from , he gets even MORE like Poe 😭

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The Dark Crystal AOR Ep. 3, Rian & Finn 

Does anyone else get serious of feels from Rian of ?
- A good character unwittingly working for evil
- Realizes how evil his bosses are when he loses someone close to him
- Another friend is sacrificed during his escape
- His instinct is still to help people despite being on the run for his life
- Throws away the armor of his service along with his old beliefs & allegiance

Rey just tackled Finn out of the way of a falling branch in my modern AU and I'm declaring this the only valid way to get a first hug from your crush.

auto-corrects "Chewie" to "Cherie," and idk if that's the most inappropriate or most accurate thing ever.

Yesterday my husband and I had a momentous conversation while watching Tater Tot play in the dirt: How soon should we start him on so he won't be spoiled for the reveal in Episode V? Given the social media environment and meme culture, we agreed it should be pretty much as soon as he can sit through a full-length movie.

Aaahhh I recorded the narration for my first video essay about of ! Either a friend who's a film pro will make the video for me or I can cobble something together if he doesn't have time, but either way I have usable audio to build the video on!

Fanfic progress, drug use 

Of the crowd of modern AU Karé, Paige, Rose, and Jess, my brain picked out as the one likeliest to chirp out "He's my weed dealer!" about and I stand by that.

Leia as University Chancellor for the university AU and Poe as the leftist Latin American Studies professor who brings his dog to school is so natural, idk why I didn't think of it before.

The ultimate OT is Luke, Leia, Han, and Sana case closed end of discussion don't @ me

Leia doesn't actually remember Padmé, she was describing Breha to Luke when he asked about her "real" mother because when she thinks of "mom" all she remembers is Breha in this essay I will

It seems I'm sitting on at least 3 more metas about Finn & Rey of , so I should get to that when I have time.

- On Rey as a priest of the Force and Finn as its prophet
- When words beguile: The role of the silence between Finn and Rey in The Last Jedi
- Finn and Rey's journeys from survival to meaning

My fannishness has mostly centered on Finn and I think I've only written one essay that's mostly about Rey, so I look forward to writing more about the relationship!

Solo, the wrong kind of dark 

Why is the version of : A story so damned dark--like physically, the screen is so dark?? I had to raise the screen brightness all the way just to see a fricking thing.

Star Wars speculation, mass murder mention 

I was excited to find out that "Jannah," the name of 's character in , means "garden"/"paradise" in Arabic. I'm speculating that Jannah is a prophet figure, guiding and fighting for her people in the Church of the Force (the group that was shown being slaughtered in the first scene of TFA). In the meantime I've started pronouncing her name "Jan-na" with a softer J as in the Arabic 😆

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