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I stuck with and Office products for 20 years despite hating them because they are ~necessary~ for work. I had brief respites with /#LibreOffice, but had to go back because MS kept breaking compatibility.

On the other hand, when I moved away from EditPad, NotePad++, Atom, or any number of text editors, I simply picked up different software and kept working with the same open format text files.

But capitalism is all about consumer choice and empowerment, right? 🤗

It would be a low-powered system that you can just chuck in a corner next to your router, which is designed to be running Linux. :)
It also means you can keep your macbook as-is and have a working environment while you set up the pi. :)

Like, why is this thing so slow and bloated, why do I have to juggle multiple fonts and set different styles just to write? Why do I have to select text or tap keys multiple times to delete to a desired range? It's like a puzzle wrapped in a mystery, and sadly it's not even very mysterious or fun to solve. It's for corporate profit, move on.

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Working in Microsoft Word is miserable after I've gotten used to working in plain text editors, especially Vim.

Now that I know that I can get a windows manager (i3), Korean and English input in the keyboard layouts I want (3 Beol and Dvorak), Firefox, Vim (with Korean turning off automatically on insert mode, yes!!), and a static site manager (Hugo) working in , I've decided to turn this Macbook Air into a full Linux machine. There's still a ton of stuff to figure out, but I've got the basics and the virtual machine is too cramped to explore all the things I need to.

Like my posts, boost my posts, and then support my Patreon. You read the writing first, and then the money is given to me. It's not a paywall, more of a pay door that I have lead you to with my writing. Walk through the pay door.

Individualism: using individuals to scapegoat national problems for the sake of Corporations; Collectivism in disguised. Also search, Corporatism.

Imagine if you could Lock reply threads on your posts.

Just like "Okay no ones allowed to reply to this anymore."

God I miss forums but also i dont.

Research by the thinktank RethinkX suggests that proteins from precision fermentation will be around ten times cheaper than animal protein by 2035. The result, it says, will be the near-complete collapse of the livestock industry. The new food economy will “replace an extravagantly inefficient system that requires enormous quantities of […]

#environment #food

Trader Joes? More like Traitor Joes!

People will pretend they don't dislike rap/hip-hop because racism, say shit like "I like music thats About stuff" (wrongly implyingthe entire rap genre is inherently vapid and without deeper meaning), and then all their favorite songs are some dad-rock shit that amount to:
1. Girl Hot
2. Rock N' Roll Good
3. Some ephemeral notion of "good old days" that never even existed for the listener

Huh. Idk if it's the setting of the locale or the reboot I did afterward, but Termite now displays Korean perfectly, including in Vim! Hurray!

Urxvt and Kitty, on the other hand, still don't respond to the keyboard-switching commands set through UIM (probably some interaction issue between packages) so looks like I'm going with Termite. That was entirely too hard but at least I got here, whew.

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In yet another twist, it appears that my locale is not properly set? I thought I did this ages ago o_O Idk if that'll make a difference but it's worth a try.

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@lj_writes I wonder if you can even call it as:
pandocxbook doc.{docx,xml}

It's very strange because NGC *is* a monospace Hangul font and Hangul should be rendering as monospace in the terminal, even if we set Vim aside for the moment. (Wait, should I be setting the encoding of the file to UTF-8? Better test that.) I assume the system thinks it's a sans serif font since that's the default, would that affect things? I'll have to try editing the fonts.conf to find out. I've fixed that classification for Terminus and can do the same for Nanum.

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I didn't have to make a full package to install Nanum Gothic Coding, and after Herculean effort (cloned git repo was empty, had to download .zip file which required installing the unzip package to unzip) I did so. The good news is that I did get nice monospaced English, which is consistent with the hypothesis that .ttf fonts work. The bad news is that hangul is still not rendered as monospace and breaks up in Vim 😭

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@lj_writes this is wild. It’s like the intersection of Unicode and monospace and font rendering false assumptions all at once

Waaiiiit a minute, I might be seeing a pattern here? The two fonts that worked so far, Inconsolata and DejaVu, had .ttf endings when listed with fc-list while the ones that didn't had other endings--Terminus ends with pcf.gz and the Noto CJK fonts with ttc. It shouldn't matter, at least for Noto, since .ttc fonts are still truetype but... maybe I do need to write that Nanum Gothic Coding package, just to test, since it is a TTF font. *grumble*

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Okay Noto Sans Mono CJK KR is evidently an invalid font as far as Termite is concerned because the overlapped fonts are back, and the Korean glyphs are still breaking up and still not monospace. *scratches head*

On the bright side I learned that the little rectangles that show up when a glyph can't be rendered are called "tofu" and "Noto" stands for "no tofu" so... yay?

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