hey folks! i'm a 21-yr-old literature student who's currently procrastinating on writing fandom-related things.

i'm into like. a lot of fandoms??? obviously fx fargo. brba. hotline miami. saints row. tf2. i'm also currently watching through yu-gi-oh! duel monsters for the first time and i am, like, SUPER emotionally compromised.

i would love to bond with yall over , , nsfw/kinky fan works and fan meta, even if we don't share the same fandoms!

@lornemalvo welcome! this is a cozy instance so i hope you enjoy it 😊
also, brba high five! i haven't rewatched it in a while and need to. (also need to watch bcs, i totally fell behind on that 😱)

@lightning Ayyy thank you ❤️❤️❤️ nice to meet u!
High five!!! Omg me too, my partner and I finished rewatching s1 a couple months back and then got crushed by finals rip;;;
omg tho me too, I still gotta watch the new season!
I rly want to Actually get involved with the fandom since my knowledge extends to like two fics lol. and the characters are just. too good

@lornemalvo i only ever watched the first season of bcs, i keep forgetting to watch more 😓 (but this is a good reminder 💪)
i've never been into the brba fandom much and haven't read much fic but i know there's some great stuff out there!

@lornemalvo while it looks like we have no fandom overlap atm, I am also here for the shipping and the fanfic!!! I joined fandom to post my niche rarepair smut to anon kink memes, I stay in fandom specifically to post my niche rarepair smut on AO3

@lornemalvo welcome! i'm so happy to hear that someone watches ygo in 2019 :') i love the show

@cc7722 Ayyy thANK U I fell into hell very unexpectedly and now I'm doomed tbh;;; I never had an anime phase when I was younger so I'm just going through old anime and ygo is just. Killing me hahaha

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