hard fact: the dd command in linux saves lives
proof: my friend trying to install chrome os

I wanna be non-binary because I'm not a boy or a girl

for whatever reason I have this feeling that I'm not allowed to use a certain profile picture, because somebody I know drew it, and it might just be weird or something lol

it doesn't make sense how all of these expensive software products are expensive when people are more likely to just pirate them

I have an interesting view on the whole idea of relationships, and as somebody who already is one, you can find out over here


for a while my friend was always receiving hate from a group of people, and the way he's been getting it has been really weird... I feel like they're part of a hive mind!


what if air pods doubled the power level of anybody who wears them

what would happen if they took the book of Genesis from the Bible, and replaced every mention of "God" with "Shaggy"

I always take depression very seriously, as I don't want anyone falling victim to suicide, but was there anything that made me act this way? find out here


why are so many people talking about steven universe all of a sudden? I'm so out of the loop when it comes to this stuff lmao

hello extra gay boyos! I've finally found a home for once!


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