I just wanna say that all of the communities I'm a part of have been a huge inspiration for my life. without these people, I would literally not exist right now. which is why I want to let you guys know that the words you say to others have a SERIOUS impact on their lives.

you know, I really haven't written anything related to any sort of fanfiction...
I wonder if I should stay on this instance of Mastodon or not

so I just noticed that today's Best Friend's Day! I'm just gonna give a huge shout out to @tromino for being awesome! :3

hey guys I just got banned from discord :/
at least I can keep using matrix riot full time, for all of you people telling me to not use discord. I really get it now.

I hate how so many tech companies will go out of their way to prevent people from modifying their products. like, I want to fix somebody's computer, why should I have to hack the BIOS in order to do anything?

tbh I just love mudkips too much. they're so cute and huggable, and they always have a smile on their face :D

dude it's so fun getting to play Minecraft for 6 hours straight, on a survival hermitcraft like server. I'm actually addicted lol

now that I graduated from high school, maybe I should actually start doing some programming work, or whatever. I love having free time :3

@Hawktalon Just wanna say that your art is actually amazing, I love Pokemon artwork so much! :3

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Hey, anyone who thinks they could benefit from some mh pros 

I'm not used to the controls for Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, because I'm too used to Explorers of Sky

just found out that Firefox has its own screenshot tool within its browser. that's really nice :3

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black autistic kid, bullying, swearing, advice please 

I've been trying to so hard to find the answer to this, but I literally cannot find a good argument in favor of diminishing trans people of their fundamental human rights. please explain to me how discriminating against ANY particular group is ok for ANYONE?

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I still can't believe it how on one side, there is lots of scientific and technical advancements that make everything awesome for all of us, while at the same time, we're still debating on issues like LGBT rights and health care.

if you're constantly attacking abusers without giving them a chance to say something, you're actually a bitch. you don't know what this person has been through to become abusive, and treating them more like crap only fuels their flames

I just hate how our entire society sees potential criminals as a huge threat, and not actually make them feel as a part of society. why don't we make them feel at home? it's only one of the basic needs on Maslow's hierarchy, to make them feel a sense of belonging and safety

if you're one of those people who freaks out over negative comments, get out. now. nobody wants to hear you. either grow up or leave.

if you're one of those people who gets scared to talk to people just because it freaks them out, don't be. like I said, they shouldn't be living in this world if they're not open to negative criticism.

don't be afraid to say bad things about somebody else. that kind of stuff is very important to people to grow.

can I just be a black cat with a red scarf please?

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