And the coup de grace?

I was watching BTAS because I was thinking about how I never finished writing an X-rated pre-BTAS Bruce/Jason Blood fanfic and was looking for inspiration 🤡

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Why did I do something that dumb?

Oh, y'know. Because I was watching BTAS and started tearing up thinking about Kevin Conroy and how much this particular version of Batman means to me, and I was trying to both wipe my eyes and pet Jemaine

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Why did I need eye drops, you may ask? Because I rubbed approximately a cup and a half of rabbit fur into my eye and my eye swelled up to the size of a pomelo

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Please congratulate me, a human in their mid-30's, I managed to put eye drops in my own eyes

Usually someone (read: Dan. It's always poor Dan) has to basically sit on my chest and hold my head down and wrench my eye open because my blink reflex is just too strong

I just watched a teenage boy quack-quack at a bunch of geese, and then his dad did the same thing and one of the geese lifted its head up and hissed at him, loudly. Immediately the mom and two kids started laughing, and the teen son was like BRO HE HISSED AT YOU and the little sister just started hissing with wild abandon. It was very wholesome.

Tonight I went to my first class for SWORDS and learned about SWORDS and how to use a SWORD and I'm very excited and can't wait to sword some people*

*this is probably not what the instructor wants

2022 #3 - Historic AU:

"Charles McGill? My boss wants to speak to you.”
“Indeed. I need some... legal advice.”
“I’m sorry-- I’m not Charles, I’m his brother. Charles passed away earlier this year, when that distillery fire spread to--”
“Let me light that for you. What do you know about that fire?”

2022 #2 - Peonies: , Vinnie Terranova & Sonny Steelgrave

Peonies stand for “romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, riches, honor, and compassion”

I just went through my stock of COVID tests to see which ones expired first and OF COURSE it's the ones I got last week from work

Not the ones I bought in January or anything, which are apparently fine until 2023

The ones from the state government that are given to teachers, those, THOSE expire in less than a month

Moldiest and stalest of True Detective S2 takes: 

They should've given the Secret Gay Man subplot to Frank instead of Paul

His entire Thing™ is "how do I correctly perform masculinity," he and his wife have an unraveling relationship because he can't get her pregnant, and he's clearly in love with Ray, who is the only person he's ever earnestly nice to

But for some reason it's just Paul's whole arc that he's GAY and SAD ABOUT IT instead, which is neither interesting, nor an actual personality

It’s ok to have fun at Pride

We catch a lot of shit, it’s ok to let your hair down

Having a good time in defiance of people who hate us is valid and useful

Our elders would be tickled to death that you’re having fun

I’m tickled to death that you’re having fun

Fun is not counterrevolutionary

I recently started taking a medication that requires me to eat in the morning, which I hate, because I'm a teacher and that means eating at like 6am

So I bought a bag of like, just-add-water pancake mix because I can't get up early enough to make real food, and made one for the first time today

I.... Don't think there's any salt in this mix 💀

That's what I get for buying something fancy and not Bisquick I guess

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