In today's Hannah Wears Weird Stuff to Work News, it's "Tropical/Tourist Day," which they described on the afternoon announcements as "wear a Hawaiian shirt or other tourist clothes!" Which I'm pretty sure was just a direct callout of my everyday wardrobe

At least my ribs get a break??

Today, dressed in full Sonny Crockett cosplay at work for legitimate reasons I won't even begin to explain, I learned that apparently it's not considered safe for people with EDS to bind...!

My ribs feel real fuckin' bad.

Someone on the MUNCLE discord posted a screenshot from a movie we all kind of mistook for Napoleon and Illya, so I went ahead and just redrew it as Napoleon and Illya.

I wasn't paying attention and made the wrong kind of pizza dough....... I'm so sad.......

A discussion on the Miami Vice discord about Rico trying (and failing) to get a post-series Sonny to care about politics, but managing to instead get him involved in like, mutual aid, turned into a discussion about Sonny cooking (there was a thread there!) and how he would absolutely smother everything with hot sauce, thus forcing Rico to buy him a novelty apron

I'm intending to start back up drawing my Extremely Dumb 40's Slang Mob Comic, but it's been a while, so I wanted to make sure I could still draw Jones and Lou (aaand uhhh still draw with paper and pencil)

"...this is a comic about... the mob?" You ask, incredulously


Breaking Bad, Bad Ships 

They really could not frame Walt and Jesse as a toxic destructive codependent on-and-off-again relationship if they kissed on screen

The Jesse/Skyler parallels were clear enough, but now with Gale as like, the far more stable but less "desirable" rebound guy

And like, "there's a shorthand between us, I don't think I could ever have that with Gale" / "we would be partners again" / "I'm not saying no to the money I'm saying no to YOU"

Toxic toxic toxic relationship

us pol, (sort of), mastodon 

To the random conservative bigot who just followed me from a domain that is literally all unhinged Tr*mp supporters:

I literally only post about gay fandom shit, what in the blue blazes could you POSSIBLY get from following my account

But thank you for providing me with an entire domain to block, I guess?

So as it turns out I have written 49k words of Vinnie Terranova/Frank McPike fic since this past October

Surely this says something less than stellar about me, but like, I'll take it

Holy shit is the scene where Walt works with Gale in the lab for the first time framed romantically

Sharing coffee across a table in the dark, a soft backlight, talking about their shared love of the *magic* of chemistry, ending with a quiet recitation of Walt Whitman?? And then Walt goes home and reads Leaves of Grass???

There's no way this wasn't purposeful, the show is too careful for that

Dan and I just watched the pilot for Eureka, which was a show I used to be a big fan of in high school/early college but recall going off the rails in later seasons, & I was suddenly hit with a a 600lb freight train memory of how fucking EVERYONE in the fandom shipped Two White Guys Who Hate Each Other instead of the far superior Jack/Henry ship, same as fucking Psych, which I am still bitter about years later. Shawn/Gus was six thousand times better than Shawn/Lassiter in 2006, and still is now

People who have just written a 45 page post-series Wiseguy fic and now need to edit it: This guy

I feel like so far Breaking Bad Jonathan Banks is like, a nice old guy who helps do crime, whereas in Wiseguy he was like, a mean old guy who helped solve crime, but regardless, I love his grumpy face and that he's still a tough-guy-with-cute-little-glasses character

I finally got to Jonathan Banks in Breaking Bad--didn't realize that it was like, late-80's/early-90's TV home week, though. John deLancie, Giancarlo Esposito...

I had a discussion with my MUNCLE friends about how, because MFU was filmed in LA, we were cheated out of all sorts of beautiful winter-in-NYC moments with Napoleon and Illya, so I sought to rectify that.

Wasn't really expecting the like, supremely direct "Walter gaslights and abuses Skyler and Jesse in extremely similar ways, Jesse just responds in a way he finds more palatable" comparison coupled with the repeated "she thinks he might be having an affair - cut to it always being Jesse who's calling/who Walt's with" stuff in S2 (I.E., Jesse accepting his apology breakfast when Sky wouldn't)

I uhhhhh

I don't know how I feel about this

But I didn't expect it!

The Petshop of Horrors anime: murder murder death blood mankind is evil and deserves whatever I'll befalls it gritty gritty grimdark
The Petshop of Horrors manga:

Watching Gremlins is making me wish, once again, as I did as a teenager, that there was a *good* anime adaptation of Petshop of Horrors

Me watching any 80's detective show, apparently: This is textually queer, actually, and I'm going to draw fanart of it for an audience of me myself and I

Which is to say, Spenser has two hands, guys

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