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Hey, I didn't do my yet. ^^ I am almost 30-years-old Finnish and I currently live in Latvia. I am passionate about books, tv-series and movies, anime, games and crafting.

Nice to meet you all! 🤩

I'm so anxious, I have the last interview with a manager today for the job I want and am scared that I say something stupid. (#><)

The newest episode of was so good again. It really makes me want to read the manga again.

It makes me so happy to see how excited he gets over the series.

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I have been watching Chihayafuru lately with bf.

I'll have second interview with the manager next week.

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I'm having a job interview in an hour and I am nervous!

I'm thinking of starting to collect manga again. Should I buy My Hero Academia or One Punch Man? Or something else?

Maybe I shouldn't have started reading this just before bed time...?

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This short from Juan Pablo Machado is such an awesomely unique and stunning take on the story and it’s going to blow some minds.

This is a dark and twisted take on the fairytale that starts out with a team of knights climbing a giant tower to find and deliver her from a monster. Once they get to the top, they aren’t expecting the nightmarish terror that awaits them ...

Going to see Welcome to Sodom-documentary now.

There was a mouse in our room. (。•́︿•̀。)

Just finished End of Evangelion. Going to dive in all the theories of what people thought about its meaning now. Also might watch the reboot-movies in the near future to see how they are different.

Bloom into You 

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Explaining Spoon Theory to gamers by calling them Spell Slots.

Like, sorry Kyle, I can’t talk to the bank on the phone right now, that skill is on cool-down and I require a Long Rest 💤

Neon Genesis Evangelion 

Fire Force ep. 3 

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Fire Force ep. 3 

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