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(all pics nsfw)
I will fill out my profile properly when I'm not traveling!!! but hi. rn I'm obsessed with professor layton and shipping him with phoenix wright. also here are my fursonas

celebrity death 

I'm so utterly torn up about grant imahara passing away... it's not often I feel this way about a "celebrity" death but...

sticker star hater meta-stink 

this is what all sticker star haters look like to me why are you dedicating your life to obsessively hating sticker star that much...? like if paper mario let you down that bad then move on to something else?? is this really the best use of your time??? goddd

making mario and luigi kiss in sm4sh 

my roommate and I have been having fun in sm4sh xD

incest mention 

I think I love twins-who-look-different and people-who-arent-at-all-related-but-look-extremely-similar for similar reasons??? that existential incest vibe that I love so much...

though it does beg the question of why mario succeeded at creating a story with pathos while sonic's attempts have just been seen as super cringey lol...? I honestly see both of the franchises' attempts the same way (NOT cringey, but an amusingly odd direction, just like... why?)

I literally grew up with TTYD and SPM so it's not like I'm nostalgia blind, but maybe thats whats going on here with everyone wishing paper mario could just always be like TTYD and SPM...? it seems to me like people suddenly got fixated on those games and saw them as a trajectory rather than just trying something new...... and ok I have to ask, why are we all trying to wring some kind of Deep Engaging Story out of the mario franchise of all places askjhdakhsds???? like... come on......

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I dont really understand why people keep clamoring for another TTYD or SPM, just replay them??? idk... to me the whole point of paper mario is it tries new stuff and, for those games, the story WAS the new stuff, and then ninty moved on to other new stuff? in a way also I guess my philosophy towards everything is "I choose to derive pleasure from the things that are pleasurable instead of wishing it was totally perfect"

also I dont careeeee whether or not the fighting aspect is "exciting" or "gimmicky" or whatever I literally dontttt careeeeee I would so take a well written fun and beautiful game with a meh battle system and overall story over a flavorless game with an engaging battle system and good story anyday -- not that the previous installments were flavorless at all, I just mean to say that's where my priorities lie (the flavor!!! the taste!!!!!)

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aw I'm so glad to read this!!! I've been trawling origami king reviews to see what the feel of it was going to be like more than whatever else, and this paragraph describes so well the sole thing that I care about in paper mario more than anything -- the vibe and the writing style and the surprises and such...! the depth of the story is honestly so much lower on my list of important paper mario game attributes...

nvm I got assigned to the team I didnt want twice in a row and now I cant change :P

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thinking about joining art fight just to have the excuse to be motivated to draw something super low pressure every day, I've never done it before but now I'm like hmmmm

I got somewhat obsessed with bob hoskins recently so now I'm doing that thing where I go thru his imdb and watch all his shiz. I freaking didnt know he did a cameo in brazil omfg... too bad thats gilliam's worst movie but whatever

*gasp* ok I'm alive again. and actually FOR REAL THIS TIME maybe actually for real finalfinal_2final.psd ready to quit twitter (other than purely for poasting art/promo stuff) for realsies, I'm gonna join another instance to replace twit cause my current accounts are all unsuitable in one way or another

I need to learn to like. dopamine icefish. gotta learn how to get dopamine from something like *squinting at word*

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me @ me: your suffering is merely everything going as planned

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me after I block twit: LET ME INNN!!!
the me who blocked twit 2 hours ago: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

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