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Hi! I'm Whit, your resident oddball that likes unlikable women and writing about them. My main fandoms are Fallout & Overwatch, but I also enjoy Animal Crossing. Also Silent Hill 2.

I'm also disabled, so I'll probably be mentioning that too occasionally.

i'm gonna go crazy in a fandom full of ships with 20+ year (m/m) agegaps, and 10+ age gaps w/2 (short, petite & white) women, suddenly it's Very Awful and Wrong for the Tall black woman/White, neurodiverse woman f/f ship to have a (gasp) 10 yr age gap.

Oh I wonder why.

Fuck off with that noise.

Oh I also got my first discourse ask, saying 'uuhh no one ships it bc Age Gap Bad n so are you ://', which lead me to check all the ages of the popular ships because I am that petty.

I'm also venturing out into other fandoms and I think that's helping my anxieties a lot; to say the Fallout fandom well is kinda poisoned for me would be an understatement.

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My writing goal this year is to allow myself to be happy with what I create. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just post it.

look at what they did to my gal. she's sixty years old in fo4. SIXTY. YEARS. OLD.

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Bethesda is shilling out the fallout license to literally anything now and apparently there's a fallout: online kinda deal that's using Fallout Shelter's engine, BUT the plot is based on Fo4? It uses all the same characters?

But anyway the art is pretty but if you're an older woman in the fallout 'verse apparently you are Not Allowed to Be Old. There are no gruff looking women allowed in this post apocalypse franchise. None. Nil.

I finished Control and I. Loved. It.

So underrated. Such a cool fucking game.

this is very roundabout way of saying that I actually AM an alien, I mean; totally proof.

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also fun fact, folks living in space very often come back to Earth with autonomic issues not too dissimilar from what I suffer from.

Instead of being inherent, though, it's to do with exposure of zero-gravity on the body. On Earth, your body is having to keep blood pumping around despite gravity pulling it all down to your lower extremities. W/me & others, that mechanism doesn't work properly, and the same happens when ppl come back from space. Interesting!


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medical procedure talk, not surgery related 

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medical procedure talk, not surgery related 

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me using my experience w/various medical testing in my sci-fi fic: yes Good, this test was horrible and I want u to know about it

asks for a post not to be reblogged on tumblr

post gets reblogged 3 times

*eye twitch*

people can like who they like and dislike who they dislike (and that's what fandom is all about!!!!) but HOLY SHIT please do not claim some moral superiority when ***that's*** your guy. lmfao

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evil dude character: is Outwardly Evil, disfigures an innocent woman, etc.

fandom: enjoys, stans, meta n edits

evil fem character: is Born Evil, Trying To Fix Her Mistakes

same fandom: she can 'choke', tags full of hate, etc etc



this shit happens like clockwork with each inception of a new fandom/new game and honestly, it's tiring.

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surprising to absolutely no one, the Death Stranding fandom is rampant with misogyny and Bad Fucking Takes re: the fem characters to prop the men on an even higher pedestal

if i didn't make a good friend in the fandom who is actually wonderful I would've dipped out a lot sooner. ya'll i can only take so much of the same tried and tested women hating propped up as 'discourse'

*blocks fallout confessions .*

ah, much better

medical cw 

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