Fun Pillowfort Fact Of The Day

You can make your username 2600+ characters long.

@ojicon I'm QA testing! Heres 2600 bees.
You can apparently also change your Pillowfort username to "community/BetaUsers" which is. HMM


Wow. They were so not ready for any of this.


@phyrry So far it's mostly white-hat mischief. Hope they fix this soon! (And don't ban me again) (Or do, because that'd be really funny)


If they had any sense at all, they'd thank you for finding the vulnerability and not being a dick about it.

Of course, if they had any sense at all, they'd have limited user input to start with.

@phyrry I mean they already banned me once for something thay wasn't in the TOS, so I'm not crossing my fingers

@ojicon @phyrry If they ban you I'm changing my username to Spartacus'; DROP TABLE users

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